Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Training in the Burg

We have an investigator named Nancy that needed translation for her dentist appointment. We tried getting someone else to do it, since Willy and I did not feel too confident in doing it and we got another member, but she could only call in to translate, and Nancy did not end up at her appointment because she wanted someone in person. She wanted to feel comfortable. My attitude was that of being unwilling to go. In the bathroom while doing my hair, a scripture came to mind in Mosiah, "...visiting the sick and administering to their relief, both spiritually and temporally, according to their wants. That wrung in my head over and over again and finally we decided to help her out! It went well and she appreciated it.

My trainee is named Corey Clifford. His Spanish is pretty good for a trainee. Like way better than mine was for sure. He worries like I used to, he looks lost all the time as well. It is kinda funny. He is eager to learn and does pretty well in lessons. It is weird trying to put my shoes in Elder Fife's shoes. It is easy to be patient with him because he is just learning. He likes following me around everywhere... I get it- cause we have to follow each other 24-7 anyway haha

We visited Sister Flores this week as we usually do. She is such a good member missionary. She said that since she was eight she always wanted to preach the gospel. She tries her best to go to the temple. She does what she can to invite her Catholic family to listen to the missionaries. She shared her testimony to us tonight of being blessed with a happy family. That is all she ever wanted. I was touched at her sincerity of this statement. She never had much growing up, sometimes not even sufficient food, but she had the gospel of Christ. We set up an FHE on Monday night with her. We are going to invite Luis and Valerie, and she will try to invite Chela, her sister in-law. We visited the Colecios too. We taught about fasting, and then moved onto the topic of patriarchal blessings. We talked a little about revelation, and then she brought up some dreams she had dreamed that came to pass. She has a gift of God for sure.

I translated in church on Sunday. It was rough! I still do not have enough of a vocab bank to do it super well. I am exercising my faith though as I do it, so I hope. Sunday we went to see Eddie but he was out visiting members of his church. We then decided to go see some youth named Marco who is 16, and his brothers Andy and Hector who are 14 and 12. The mom is Denise. She is so sweet. We were welcomed warmly, asked of we had eaten, and she that this was our house too. Her husband Miguel- who has a sick beard, is tall, and looks Russian, although he is Mexican- made some delicious gourmet steak and potatoes with green beans. He had to add corn tortillas in there too, obviously. We shared a video afterwards with the boys "su potencial, su privilegio" and got their comments on it. They are good guys. Very smart and well mannered. 

After the conversation, Denise asked us why we wanted to come on a mission, and if we were forced to or not? I told her that I had always wanted to go on a mission. My dad would tell me bed time stories of his mission, and I wanted stories like that too. She expressed much support and desire to have her sons serve missions. We shared some of the things we learned on our missions. She does not want to force them, but knows it is best that they go. She is not a member of the church either! She has a passion for family history. She wants to do it super bad. This might be the way we get her into the church! It is pretty cool that today, Sister Bright expressed interest to feed us, and told us to find an investigator to bring to their house. We cannot eat with member unless there is a less active or investigator there. Brother Bright is good with family history and I believe he is actually the Consultant. Perfect match! Tonight we also shared the formerly stated video with Ricardo Javier, who we found a while back. Turns out he is moving to Florida. What made my day was that he cracked up at the video! Nobody I have shown that too has laughed so hard! We were able to lead that into a short discussion, and it was good!

I'm outta time, but stuff is going well!

Watch ya' mouth! Go to 1:25 for Brayden's hilarious turn from Shayla McLaughlin on Vimeo.

Dillon Douglas & Brayden

Saying goodbye to Elder Douglas

Say hello to Elder Clifford

Monday, August 7, 2017

Missionaries to the rescue!

Willy is going home on Wednesday, and President called me to train one of the new Spanish missionaries! It is a huge deal for all of the Spanish missionaries because the last Spanish missionary to come into the mission was last Janurary 2016. this week our lease ended for our apartment, and so we moved into the other Spanish elder's apartment, and they leased a new one for them in another spot. Lots of moving this week. I dislike moving... it is annoying. A lot of back and forth and cleaning. We were super busy this week. In the middle of moving we get a call from Brother Colecio, and he needed help. He was stranded on the side of the highway because the wheel in his truck blew out. He did not bring his jack with him. Missionaries to the rescue! We were driving to an appointment and saw a couple on the side of the road with a missing tire and helped them out too. We went by to see Eddie, and he was about to leave to go visit a member of his church. He was waiting for his friends to pick him up since his car is broken right now. to our surprise, pulling up is Hermana Ramos and her nieta. They are inactive members in our Spanish group. Elder Blackham and Peck are trying to teach her right now. Now we know where she goes to church. Side note- she is known amongst all the Hispanics in the Spartanburg area for her Pupusas. They are bomb! So that was pretty funny.

At Hatcher Garden this week, we finished painting the parking lot lines and handicap logos. Dan over there loves our help. We love the garden. It is such a beautiful place!

We got a referral this week from the STLs and went to go contact her. Her husband came outside with an angry and confused look on his face. I got kinda nervous, and he for some reason couldn't understand my Spanish. so he started speaking to us in English. We got to talking and we left with him smiling. we are seeing him again at 8pm tonight.

A few weeks ago, I sent a story about finding a member of the church who recently moved from Miami, named Sheila. We had not been able to get in contact with her until a few days ago. We stopped by the house on Friday and once again nobody answered. I was so confused, because they were obviously home. The next door neighbor called us over and told us that they were in the backyard...why we did not think of that still baffles me. we walk back there and BINGO! we met Sheila's husband Michael and their Hispanic neighbors Luis and Valerie. We talked to Valerie one night and she told us not to come back to her house. We were offered beer- but kindly declined haha. We were able to connect with the three of them and even teach them as well. Sheila later came outside too. They are really interested. they have many good questions. Luis even told us, he wants to know what Christian church is the true one. He said he is confused because different churches do way different things than another. Luis and his wife and Michael and his wife Sheila commited to church in two weeks. Michael said that his son asked if they could go to church to learn about Jesus. So, he want to find the correct one to take his family to! What I find cool is that we had originally planned on heading to Simpsonville with a member to visit some potentials over there, but he got back from work late, and it would not be worth the drive to go that far and work less than an hour and have to drive back. Elder Willardson and I both had the same idea to visit Sheila. and look what happened! Lesson for tonight with Luis!

You never know what the Lord has in store for you. that is why you have to live close to the spirit to find out!

love ya

Backing out like a BOSS!

Our new shower curtain- shoutout to sister Shumate!

Angry jeep

Willardson is 'dead' now (it's a mission thing-- when they are released to go home)

Our investigator's goat from Shayla McLaughlin on Vimeo.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

KIT KATS... and lots of videos.

We followed a small dog to the house of the parents of a member, We talked for like 10 minutes about English classes and Hermano Sanchez trying to learn how to write. We shared John 10:1-16 and then Luke 11:28. We taught about becoming Christ's sheep, part of his fold. We asked them what they had done to live the word, instead of only listen to it? Romana, the mom of our member, seemed very intent. At some point, I commented on trials and the need to have experiences. I could tell that touched Romana. I asked if we could teach them the plan of happiness on a later occasion with her son, who is a member. She said yes. I forgot to mention that she is SUPER Catholic. We ended, said a prayer and Romana walked out with us. She totally opened up. She talked about relationship problems with her husband and some problems within her church. People gossip about her, and she is going through a huge trial now. She needs us she said, and our help. I testified that the message of the Plan of Salvation would give her comfort and direction. She totally confided in us and wants us back. I can see her coming along! She has come to a lesson with us before actually! She tagged along with her daughter in law to visit an investigator from her own catholic congregation, haha.

On another note, we saw Dominga again finally. She is so awesome. I love talking to her. She is that kind of person who you want to be around all the time. We watched the mormon message "alto me aleva" and then talked about why we have trials. One thing that was mentioned is that when we act on a particle of faith, we allow god to grow it. She has SO MUCH faith in Christ. She does not have a set job, therefore no set income. She is selling lotions and stuff to make some extra money and every week she sells tamales, which are costly to make. She made 100 this week and she prays to god that people will buy her tamales, and every week they all go! She said she knows that she has a talent to make them really good, and God always provides a way to sell all of them. She has a boyfriend right now, but chooses not to live with him until they are married! She told us last night that she loves learning from us, and is grateful for our friendship, but she is happy where she is at in her catholic church. We learned she has one more son who is 19! She says she is our mamá joven too. She and Aurora (Colecio- recent convert) have a friend named Eugeñia. She is going to die of cancer soon, and hospice is coming in. We have tried teaching her, but she said she is fine with where she is at. We have gone over there before with sister Ramirez and her suegra. Dominga wants to go visit her with us this week, so we will do that! She has so much compassion. She says she has a hard time with people who are in pain or are struggling through a trial. From what she explained, she literally mourns with those who mourn. It must be a spiritual gift. The more non-conspicuous kind.

We have been visiting the Colecios doing the new member lessons, and recently we have been trying to get them to the temple! They are going to do baptisms, got their recommends for the temple too! I am so stoked! Oscar, Aurora and Danny will have a great spiritual experience. On Tuesday we taught more about temples, since Oscar seemed to be concerned that he had to be sealed for all eternity with Aurora. Monday night, while praying, a thought came to my head about a lesson plan with objects. So, I followed through and it went well! I took a medium flat rate box, put together the bottom part of it and cut out the top to make it look like a temple steeple with angel Moroni and all. I cut a flap as a door in the front and around it drew stones, but no keystone, so when the door was closed it showed no keystone. The door cannot be built without the keystone to support the arch. I bought Kit Kats and placed them inside the box. Keeping the commandments (K), Always remembering Christ (A), and being willing to take His name upon us (T) is the kit to receiving power, because those are our covenants we take at baptism. Those covenants and more we come under in the temple, when honored, are sweet to our souls like chocolate. Until the restoration, the blessings that flowed from the temple and covenants associated were locked. The Restoration was the keystone that allowed the door to open to the blessings of the temple. We talked about all that goes on in the temple and hit the importance of a temple sealing to address Oscar's concern.

On Wednesday we paid a visit to Sister Arenas. She has a son called Jacob. They are pretty cool! She is black, grew up here in the burg and served a mission to Mexico. Jacob is preparing to receive the Melchizedek priesthood, and to go on a mission. We shared a message, and then talked about our English classes. She posted info about english classes on Facebook. She works with many hispanics, which is great. She gave us two referrals too! We contacted the one in our area named Aron Gonzalez. His wife just got here from Mexico. Pretty young couple apparently. We have a lesson tomorrow with them. The other was for a guy who recently lost his 10-yr old daughter in a car wreck. She was ejected from the car. Seatbelt malfunction. We consecrated her oil for her too and scheduled to return the next two weeks. Her husband is not a member, and he is hispanic, so we will be working with him too!

Yesterday we went to a soccer tournament to go contact people. We talked many families, and it was super duper effective. We approached everyone with information regarding English classes to kinda break the ice!

Heres a pic of the lesson plan with the Colecios:

Elder Brown- he was in my BYU YSA ward before the mission

Carpool Karaoke from Shayla McLaughlin on Vimeo.

This is how they roll from Shayla McLaughlin on Vimeo.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Jesus Is a Friend of Mine

Here are some points that happened this week:
  • Today we were at the park playing disc golf. There was a cool sherman tank there too. A few elders were on the course and this guy was following them. He talked to the set of elders and then punched Elder Sheen in the face. He did the same with another elder! We called the cops and they came down to see what was up. The guy was not all there. He was pretty buff too. Nobody was seriously injured, but thank goodness we were in a group. I don't know what could have happened if it was just one set of elders. He was carted away. 
  • Found out a few weeks ago that a lady in the ward who we have been giving sacrament to passed away. We were the last ones to give her the sacrament. Glad we could do that.
  • We taught Eddie and Ricardo this week. Eddie is this pentecostal guy who is trying to become a pastor. Super humble. We taught him the restoration and he said that he feels the book of mormon is true. He has a strong testimony and loves talking with us. 
  • Ricardo we met last week. We taught him the restoration, went by on Thursday, read the book of mormon with him, then taught him yesterday afternoon. We talked about the plan of salvation, and he had many good questions! He was very interested in what we term "the spirit world." He is on chapter 11 of 1Nephi now! woop woop! He is very honest and very good with keeping appointments.
  • During priesthood hour, I have been translating for Hispanics that don't know English. I did not want to translate at first, because it is hard, and I am not too good at it, but the thought came to my mind that God will magnify my abilities. So the last few weeks as I have been translating, it has been easy to me. Words just flow. It is a blessing.
  • We had a lesson Wednesday with a lady, and we showed up with Brother Ramirez. She was not there, and we had only asked him to come to that one lesson in Spartanburg. He asked what else we had, so he drove us up to Cowpens like 10 miles away to go visit a less active. He is awesome. This member had a need and he made calls and got the ball rolling to help him right away!  
Can't remember much else, but till next week... enjoy my pictures & videos!

When I get a chance... I strap up!!!!

ZL bumper sticker. Elder Holmstead drew everyone in the zone. haha 😂 I'm 6th from left.

Jesus is a Friend of Mine REMIX from Shayla McLaughlin on Vimeo.

Jesus is a Friend of Mine original. We do it better. from Shayla McLaughlin on Vimeo.

Cool Videos you can do with the iPad! from Shayla McLaughlin on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Success is Sometimes Measured in Commitment

So...the beginning of this week was a little rough for me. I got a
little bit discouraged. We have not taught people as frequently as I
have in my other areas, and although we have found new people to
teach... 13 in the last 8 weeks, only one of them is meeting with us-
once a week. I am putting much effort into my work, but one thing is for sure truth: God will give unto you success. You can do every big and little thing to try and be successful, but if it is not the right time or place, you won't be given success. That is why success most of the time is measured in our level of commitment, although is is hard to understand that sometimes. 

A few nights ago, Elder Willardson read a quote by John Pontious from one of his books. It basically said that while on his mission he had moments where he did not feel the spirit much, but still chugged along doing all he could. After a period of a few months with little results, he began to feel the spirit more abundantly, and new spiritual gifts came along with it. They found more people to teach. He said that stuff like this happens. The real test if we are willing to continue doing the little things, "if [we] are willing to serve God at all hazards". That will determine if we establish the church or not. Those few paragraphs that were read to me really lifted me up. The next morning I woke up and felt super motivated to be better. I felt the spirit strongly snd I felt enthusiastic. We had a miracle take place.

The back-story started last week when we visited the Flores family after they returned from their road trip to California. We shared a message and asked about their friends. They immediately thought of someone, but did not know exactly where he lived, but did know the street. So Thursday, we planned in to go find this hispanic on said street. We visited sister Flores again real quick to clarify the details, and she told us to let her know if anything happened. So we decided to first drive down the street and scout out which houses looked hispanic. Yes, we use stereotypes and we are usually on point when looking for hispanics haha. So we decided on a few of them. We parked at the entrance of the street and knocked on the fourth house from the left side. We knocked a few times, and nobody answered. As Elder Willardson placed one of our English class cards in the door, I turned around and saw a hispanic guy driving a small golden car past us and down the street. I hurried to the end of the driveway to spot which house he went to, and turns out he lived in a duplex. As we were scouting, we saw many duplexes and I commented to Elder Willardson that none were hispanic. Me equivoqué. We knocked and he did not answer. Dang it. I looked to my right at the next duplex door over and noticed in the parked car's rearview mirror a rosary. They had got to be hispanic. So we knocked. Almost immediately, this little girl swung open the door. Her mom yelled at her in Spanish and hurried to the door. She was so easy to talk to and so friendly from the get go. We told her who we were and she said she knew. She told us the Elders came to her house all the time in Argentina. I asked her if she was baptized into our church and she said that she was in 1998! Then she moved with her mom and brother to Miami, where they stopped going to church. She did not feel cómodo, because the people never reached out and she felt like an outcast. So sad. We apologized on behalf of the church that this happened, and set something up with her for Tuesday. Her husband is Cuban and is not a member. The Lord for sure put her in our path!

Luke 15 says:
3 And he spake this parable unto them, saying,
4 What man of you, having an hundred sheep, if he lose one of them, doth not leave the ninety and nine in the wilderness, and go after that which is lost, until he find it?
5 And when he hath found it, he layeth it on his shoulders, rejoicing.
6 And when he cometh home, he calleth together his friends and
neighbours, saying unto them, Rejoice with me; for I have found my sheep which was lost.

And Jesus while talking to the people in bountiful in 3rd Nephi:
"...ye are my sheep, and ye are numbered among those whom the Father hath given me."

I know for sure that this is the Lord's work. There is no way we could have found her if we were not inspired to go visit the Flores; if they were not inspired to direct us to their friend on that street; if we were not inspired to plan in the day and hour we would go visit the friend; if we were not inspired to follow the hispanic to his house; and if we were not inspired to knock the house next door. She has not come to church since 2001. The Lord knows who his sheep are and will use us as instruments bring them back when the time is right! By the way her name is SHEILA (but pronounced shayla- shout out to mom!)

We went back to Sister Flores to share with her what happened and she was stoked! She told us she wants to be going to the temple every week and needs to be better at scripture study. She set goals with us right then. It is cool how an experience like that can strengthen many people.

Other than that, we have been working hard and we even played soccer with some kids in a trailer park on Saturday! Shared a spiritual thought with them too. They adored us it seemed haha.

On another note, we visited Sandra in Simpsonville and after teaching her, she showed me how to hand sew a tie. Hopefully I will have time to make it this week and show y'all! I also made sausage and cheese biscuits from scratch... soooo good!

Love yall!

Mom'in in the mini-van from Shayla McLaughlin on Vimeo.

P-Day Fun from Shayla McLaughlin on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

There is No Comfort in the Growth Zone

We had a pretty good week this week! Fourth of July was fun. We started off in the morning at our ward and Spartanburg 2nd ward's combined breakfast. I talked with President Parry a bunch. He is in the mission presidency and was in the Greenville East Stake Presidency. We talked sports, and I have not done that in a while! We threw the baseball around with a bunch of people, and then a game of softball ensued! My first up to bat, and on the first pitch I SMACKED that ball far over Elder Peck in left field. Never has that happened on all my years of baseball. Maybe I should've played softball? Later that afternoon, we had our first Zone Conference with President and Sister Innes. They are AMAZING. Very open, and they are very personable. They were actually church hosts in SLC for many famous people and princes and stuff from all around the world. They shared some cool stories too. 

President has like a greenie fire within him. It is so motivating. He talked about changing our trajectory and aiming higher and further. He said that the Lord expects us to quicken our pace and to use everything we have been provided with- including creativity, to make things happen. He read us a cool quote that says, "the Lord provides the men and the means whereby he can best work at any given time, for the carrying out of his wise and sublime purposes.
The man for the hour will be ready whenever the hour strikes." Let us be the men of which hour we are called to serve. I am in Spartanburg at this time, and so I am the man of the hour right now, in this place. I am doing what I can to make things happen with what the Lord has provided! He shared with us a training Elder Holland gave at the mission presidents seminar. One thing that stood out was this: "to be spiritually efficacious, [you] have to be spiritually genuine." Think about that one. That night we went to a cook out where we had a few investigators, hispanic members and less actives too. It was fun. Lots of food and some volleyball.
My shoes came apart that day and a member called me that night. He told me to meet him at Burlington the next morning. I knew what he was going to do, and I tried to tell him that I would be fine. In anticipation for what was going to happen, the least I could do was make him and his family cookies. So I did, and he bought me some new shoes. Let me tell you, it is so hard to receive service from someone else. You feel like you do not deserve it. This brother told me to not deny him blessings of serving me...half jokingly with a chuckle of course. I felt so grateful for this act of kindness.

Service activities this week consisted of finishing staining a overlook porch at hatcher garden, and mowing a HUGE lawn for one of the other elders investigators. It was all pretty fun. Doing service in the yard or with hands on things is so much more fun... and we get a lot done too.

On exchanges with Elder Peck, we taught two guys named Eduardo and Luis, who we found walking around. They really did not seem super interested and after talking for a few minutes, they told us they work every day so we could not set up a return appointment.  They were not very religious they admitted, but claimed to believe  in Catholicism. I felt like I needed to be bold with them. I could see their potential! I asked them something like, "so, brother, what do you feel like your purpose is here in this life, on this earth? You work so much, but to what end? When we die, we are not going to have all of these riches with us in heaven. No money. It is important that we grow some sort of spiritual side. If all you do is work to eat food and pay the bills, why then do you think we are here." I didn't just rant as it may have sounded, but he answered a tid bit. His buddy asked how we knew what happened to us after we die, and so we expounded upon the scriptures. Elder Peck went into talking about judgement and overall it was really good. We got a return appointment. I believe it is so important for us to understand who we are and our purpose on earth. If we do not understand our purpose, if we do not apply scripture, we are merely SURVIVING life and its fun trials and challenges, rather than LIVING life the way our Heavenly father intended. We are to be things that ACT, rather than being things that are ACTED UPON. 
It is sad to me that many don't see this, but that is what my calling is. To establish His word, so others can make a clear choice to accept or reject it.

So, we found a lady named Teresa and A guy named Alejandro while proselyting a few weeks back. We found out this week that Teresa and Alejandro (they do not know eachother) were both baptized in Idaho many years ago! We got their records moved over. I have found now 11 people on my mission who were  baptized many years back, but whose records were not known in the area. It is really cool. We taught Teresa last night reading together from 1 Nephi 1. She understood it and loved it! She closed with a prayer and thanked God for directing us to find her (we were going to leave an area when I saw people on a porch and decided to go up and talk to them and that is how we found her) and also thanked God and asked that we would be able to help her back on the correct path. She is the one who believes her mom sent us to find her.

Now, Alejandro invited us to a party on Saturday evening, and this this is what happened: 

Arriving more than an hour late, and feeling a but timid at what we were about to do, we put on our big boy pants and took courage as we sort of crashed the party being thrown for a little boy and his twin sister whom we knew not. Our arrival seemed to make the clock slow down. As I scanned the vicinity, my eyes met those of dozens of my Latino brothers and sisters. All conversations seemed to pause, and their stares penetrated and drained what confidence we had just mustered up. I would like to say our appearance was breathtaking, and I am sure it was- four young elders, sporting an array of rain coats, handmaid ties, slacks and muddied shoes from walking in the rain that beat upon the tarp covered tent and rolled off into the dirt. However, we were taller than everyone else, American and we were not friends with anyone inside. You could say that we stuck out like a sore thumb. Alejandro, who invited us, greeted us warmly when he saw us and that took a lot of the pressure away. Our goal in all of this was to talk to everyone and find someone to teach. There were a couple dozen people there, so we thought it would be easy. We were seated like the other families were, except they had already chowed down their plates of food and were waiting for the real party to begin. One by one, Alejandro's daughter brought us each a plate of chicken and mole served with rice. Store-bought corn tortillas soon followed. We were asked what we wanted to drink, and after having all declared our desire for water, sprite was brought out instead. Close enough, right? Haha! With Spanish music ablaze, and my mouth too, I seemed to forget the stares and the awkwardness. We did our best to smile and be friendly. We tried conversing with many, but they seemed reluctant and could not carry on a conversation. Nobody would give in to talk to us!

Elder Peck decided to be bold. He looked around, stood up and approached someone to talk with them. Unfortunately, that soon died off and he came back to the table. More families filed in, but the same results followed. Having finished our food, and seeing that there was no imminent success, we thanked Alejandro and then left. Feelings of relief then humiliation soon came. We went out of our comfort zone, but sort of failed as missionaries and then retreated. We let fear and awkwardness eat at us, as if we were the chicken and mole- which by the way was fantastic! We tried to talk with people, but we for sure could have done better. We learned a valuable lesson through this. 

There is no comfort in the growth zone. When we want to get something done, we will face challenges, but we have to set aside our fears to accomplish what we intended. We can only move on. But hey, it made a good journal entry, am I wrong?

Dios Te Ama

spoon prank video from Shayla McLaughlin on Vimeo.

Me & Willy in a lesson... love the smile
Aftermath of 4th of July softball- me, Peck, Blackham, Holmstead, Sheen, Willardson, Hamilton, Jensen 
First Zone Picture with President & Sister Innes
Funny pic during Pres. Innes's awesome training

South Carolina is full of this
Peck & me on exchanges
Visited Sandra & Ashley. Taught them new member lessons while in training forever ago-- Ashley grew like a foot.

4th of July coconuts
Brother Ramirez
Professional Killers 😂 
Spartanburg or Charlotte? 😐 
small fireworks
Elder Jamon Negro
Voleibol with investigators and members
Talking to everybody
hot dogs & hamburgers- no Mexican food!
thought he looked cool on his bike. zoom in.

Wofford College Field

Waiting for an investigator:)

IMG_0027 from Shayla McLaughlin on Vimeo.

Abril dribbling a ball video

IMG_0026 from Shayla McLaughlin on Vimeo.

Crazy sitting cat video

Crazy cat video from Shayla McLaughlin on Vimeo.