Tuesday, August 1, 2017

KIT KATS... and lots of videos.

We followed a small dog to the house of the parents of a member, We talked for like 10 minutes about English classes and Hermano Sanchez trying to learn how to write. We shared John 10:1-16 and then Luke 11:28. We taught about becoming Christ's sheep, part of his fold. We asked them what they had done to live the word, instead of only listen to it? Romana, the mom of our member, seemed very intent. At some point, I commented on trials and the need to have experiences. I could tell that touched Romana. I asked if we could teach them the plan of happiness on a later occasion with her son, who is a member. She said yes. I forgot to mention that she is SUPER Catholic. We ended, said a prayer and Romana walked out with us. She totally opened up. She talked about relationship problems with her husband and some problems within her church. People gossip about her, and she is going through a huge trial now. She needs us she said, and our help. I testified that the message of the Plan of Salvation would give her comfort and direction. She totally confided in us and wants us back. I can see her coming along! She has come to a lesson with us before actually! She tagged along with her daughter in law to visit an investigator from her own catholic congregation, haha.

On another note, we saw Dominga again finally. She is so awesome. I love talking to her. She is that kind of person who you want to be around all the time. We watched the mormon message "alto me aleva" and then talked about why we have trials. One thing that was mentioned is that when we act on a particle of faith, we allow god to grow it. She has SO MUCH faith in Christ. She does not have a set job, therefore no set income. She is selling lotions and stuff to make some extra money and every week she sells tamales, which are costly to make. She made 100 this week and she prays to god that people will buy her tamales, and every week they all go! She said she knows that she has a talent to make them really good, and God always provides a way to sell all of them. She has a boyfriend right now, but chooses not to live with him until they are married! She told us last night that she loves learning from us, and is grateful for our friendship, but she is happy where she is at in her catholic church. We learned she has one more son who is 19! She says she is our mamá joven too. She and Aurora (Colecio- recent convert) have a friend named Eugeñia. She is going to die of cancer soon, and hospice is coming in. We have tried teaching her, but she said she is fine with where she is at. We have gone over there before with sister Ramirez and her suegra. Dominga wants to go visit her with us this week, so we will do that! She has so much compassion. She says she has a hard time with people who are in pain or are struggling through a trial. From what she explained, she literally mourns with those who mourn. It must be a spiritual gift. The more non-conspicuous kind.

We have been visiting the Colecios doing the new member lessons, and recently we have been trying to get them to the temple! They are going to do baptisms, got their recommends for the temple too! I am so stoked! Oscar, Aurora and Danny will have a great spiritual experience. On Tuesday we taught more about temples, since Oscar seemed to be concerned that he had to be sealed for all eternity with Aurora. Monday night, while praying, a thought came to my head about a lesson plan with objects. So, I followed through and it went well! I took a medium flat rate box, put together the bottom part of it and cut out the top to make it look like a temple steeple with angel Moroni and all. I cut a flap as a door in the front and around it drew stones, but no keystone, so when the door was closed it showed no keystone. The door cannot be built without the keystone to support the arch. I bought Kit Kats and placed them inside the box. Keeping the commandments (K), Always remembering Christ (A), and being willing to take His name upon us (T) is the kit to receiving power, because those are our covenants we take at baptism. Those covenants and more we come under in the temple, when honored, are sweet to our souls like chocolate. Until the restoration, the blessings that flowed from the temple and covenants associated were locked. The Restoration was the keystone that allowed the door to open to the blessings of the temple. We talked about all that goes on in the temple and hit the importance of a temple sealing to address Oscar's concern.

On Wednesday we paid a visit to Sister Arenas. She has a son called Jacob. They are pretty cool! She is black, grew up here in the burg and served a mission to Mexico. Jacob is preparing to receive the Melchizedek priesthood, and to go on a mission. We shared a message, and then talked about our English classes. She posted info about english classes on Facebook. She works with many hispanics, which is great. She gave us two referrals too! We contacted the one in our area named Aron Gonzalez. His wife just got here from Mexico. Pretty young couple apparently. We have a lesson tomorrow with them. The other was for a guy who recently lost his 10-yr old daughter in a car wreck. She was ejected from the car. Seatbelt malfunction. We consecrated her oil for her too and scheduled to return the next two weeks. Her husband is not a member, and he is hispanic, so we will be working with him too!

Yesterday we went to a soccer tournament to go contact people. We talked many families, and it was super duper effective. We approached everyone with information regarding English classes to kinda break the ice!

Heres a pic of the lesson plan with the Colecios:

Elder Brown- he was in my BYU YSA ward before the mission

Carpool Karaoke from Shayla McLaughlin on Vimeo.

This is how they roll from Shayla McLaughlin on Vimeo.

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