Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Experiences like these are what help me stay humble...

Hey y' I will be having my pday and consequently, my email
time tomorrow. This is because we are going to the temple in Columbia (mission policy to take pday when we go to the temple). We don't get to go to the temple unless a recent convert is going
for the first time, or if a member who was less active that you played a main role in reactivating is going through for the first time since activated. Elder Willardson has a member who is going who he helped activate in the branch in West Columbia (west Kolob is what we call it). You'll have to wait another day I guess.... oh yeah, we had a baptism on saturday too! Here is a pic to settle your anxiety to talk to me... Danny Colecio was baptized (last in the family of recent converts..far left.

Colecio Family
Danny Colecio

me, Danny, Elder Willardson
So, we found some really cool people this week! One is named Esther. She is not attending a church, and wants to. She has a pretty young family- might I add, very energetic! Her 5 year old is the cutest Mexican little girl ever! There are so many cute Hispanic kids. Can't even handle it! We taught the restoration and after Elder Blackham (we were on exchanges) shared the first vision, there was a pause and she asked "well, what did Jesus say?" I thought that was cool. She was very good at listening, and we focused a ton on the family as we taught the restoration. 

We also had a baptism this weekend! That was awesome! We did not do too much, since the elders before us had done a great job at preparing him for baptism, but we have become close to that family. The parents were baptized May 13th. Their conversion story is really cool. One night at their house they shared with us how they ultimately knew that this was the right path for them. Through a dream they had was how they received their answer. Over the course of my mission I have heard many Hispanics tell me about answers to their prayers through dreams. It is something so special, and for sure a way that God speaks to us. 

This family, the Colecios, are studs. They have strong testimonies, and want to share what they have come to find as true, with others. So, they have been talking with one of their friends, Dominga. They set up a lesson at their house last night, and invited another member family to come to the house. (The Ramirez family- mom you are Facebook friends with her). Dominga told us that
she has felt for a long time that we are the most correct church. She
noted that she has been friends with the Colecios and seen them
change, and she wanted to learn how she can be like that. We shared the restoration with her (we were there a while because we had a lot of good comments and shared testimonies and experiences from these recent converts and the Ramirez fam) and the spirit was strong. I felt the gift of tounges, the first time since being back into teaching in Spanish. Many of us were in tears as I shared the first vision with her. She accepted July 8th as the day to be baptized. 

The entire lesson, I felt a sort of anxiety for her to be touched by the spirit. I feel like she was. I am grateful for these members who desire to share their testimonies with others. They truly feel that the Gospel of Jesus Christ in its fullness has been restored through a prophet. I was thinking last night, and experiences like these are what help me stay humble... it is hard to, but the feelings of the spirit in a lesson in throughout the day make working at being humble so worth it. This area here is special. There is a unique spirit here in Spartanburg. It is hard to expalin it, but many good things are and will continue to happen.
Another church marquis: iPod, iPad, try, iPray
sick graffiti!
me & Elder Holmstead
went on a hike with this beautiful scenery last week

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