Monday, May 22, 2017

White-Washing in Spartanburg

Monday night we crashed the Miller and Albrecht's FHE and had some s'mores, and said goodbyes (we were actually invited later on). Sooo, I have now been in Spartanburg for 4 days. It is super weird being in a new area, especially since this is probably my last area! White-washing has been an interesting ride so far (that means that both of us are new to the area). The area just had 2 baptisms (the Colecio family) and their son Danny is on date for June 3rd! So we have a baptism in two weeks! We don't have many investigators, and we have been doing A LOT of finding. We met some really cool people, but didn't have any sit down lessons yet- other than with the Colecio family. They are SICK! We also visited lots of members to introduce oursleves. We made some good first impressions I hope!

 In the ward many Hispanics have callings, which I have never seen before in a group. We cover half of the Greenville East Stake in Spanish. A lot of ground to cover. We are trying to work in a smaller area since we don't have an infinite amount of car miles to spend. The Spanish group is in the Boiling Springs Ward, but the stake president has said that if the Hispanics want to go to the group they can, or they can stay in their home wards. The thing is, the only Spanish translation stuff is in the Boiling Springs Ward. Sounds complicated.

While we were talking to people and knocking around potentials and former investigators, we found two places where people had placed one of our Jesus in a truck and the other on a trailer door! (Pic attached)

A few weeks ago I saw a poster of a Hispanic apostle, and this week I found a black apostle! (Pic attached)

This weekend was stake conference. We went to the adult session Saturday night, and President and Sister Turner, Elder Jones of the seventy (recently called) and Elder Richard J. Maynes, one of the presidents of the seventy were in attendance! Elder Maynes gave a powerful message about choices, and the plan of salvation! He said,

"At the moment you make a choice, you become an advocate at that position, or the choice you made. And we are doing that all day long."

Choice becomes a habit, habits become tradition, tradition becomes culture. In the world there are false traditions and true or celestial traditions. It is our responsibility to eliminate false traditions from our lives and stay on the path leading us home with our heavenly father. He went deeper into this topic, but this stood out to me the most.

In the Sunday session he shared a conversion story of a man in Mexico when he was a misison president there. This man had gotten a Book of Mormon and taught his family from it. One day he lost the book somehow and for 27 years, he did not have one. Every missionary that came by his home (from various churches) in remote la paz Mexico, he asked if they had a book that talked about Christ coming to an ancient people. 

President Maynes had enough missionaries to finally put some in La Paz and they knocked that door, found him and baptized 3 generations of his family! He talked alot about pieces to a big puzzle. Little things happen that all come together eventually. We don't want to be a missing piece. Especially in missionary work, we never really know if a prompting to go somewhere or talk to someone is a prompting until we see the results of it. That's why it's important to follow the spirit.

Also at stake conference I saw and talked with Sandra Escobar! She was baptized by Elder Fife and Stapley and Elder Fife and I when I was in training taught her the new member lessons. We were present for when she received her patriarchal blessing. She went through the temple for endowments last year too! It was good to catch up with her. She was surprised at my Spanish. In training I couldn't understand her for my life! It was cool being able to understand! 
Spanish is going well! Pray for me!

Saying goodbye to the Albrechts
Saying goodbye to the Rodriguez Family

found our pass along card on their door:)

Holy Ghost global Black Apostle 
Jesus pass along car on inside of car - at least they didn't throw it away:)

New comp Elder Willardson

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