Monday, May 1, 2017

Service Doesn't Have A Color

We do a lot of service around here! We serve at Harvest Hope Food Bank packing boxes of food, sorting foods, and weighing boxes; Habitat for Humanity taking items from the truckloads that come in and then pricing and moving them to the floor to be sold; Miracle Hill Ministries doing the same with truck loads, as well as sweeping and helping customers load their cars with bigger items they purchase (it is basically a bigger Goodwill), and a place called Annie's House where we help garden, and do all sorts of yard work. Along with that we serve members, and investigators, and while we are out proselyting, we always find opportunites to help out somebody else.

Two weeks ago, Elder Brian and I were at Bojangles (best chicken and buttermilk biscuit place in the south, from what I have tasted) getting some breakfast after helping the elders quorum move a family out of the ward. As we were finishing up eating, I saw a kid who looked to be our age, talking on the phone and uncontrollably crying on the other side of the dining room. I went to go see what was up, and I thought it was something terrible. Turns out he met this homeless lady, and wanted to help her out with some food, and asked his mom if he could buy her some chicken, but she wouldn't let him because she was afraid he would get hurt. We ended up buying the chicken and walked across the street under a tree where this lady was. We had him give her the chicken and she was so grateful1 she lit up! I was touched that this kid was so distraught about not being able to help this lady out, and I'm glad we were able to help them both!

On Friday, we went to go visit a less-active member, but they were busy, so we decided to go walk up the street (in this trailer park). We passed an older black guy needing help with a door he was replacing in a trailer. The new knob was not fitting, so Elder Brian let him use his knife and we got that to work, and then we hung the door. He would not stop telling us how grateful he was that we came by at the perfect time, because he couldn't hold the door in place and drill a screw into the hinges alone. After we left him, we continued to walk and this older black lady was stressing out, and crying outside her place. We went up to her and talked for like 30 minutes. We shared some scriptures, our testimonies and tried to give words of comfort. She is a single mom of 3 boys (15, 13, 11) and she had little food for these growing boys. She had a light bill on her trailer for $800 (she showed us) and works part time, and cannot pay insurancance on her car, so she doesn't drive it anymore. Just a lot of stuff going on! She told us that she doesn't feel like her prayers are being heard, but I told her that maybe we were an answer to her prayer...I knew we were for sure! It was like 9:00, and we felt like we needed to help her out with some food-- we don't usually do that as missionaries, but it was a pressing need, so we went to Rite Aid down the street and got her family some essentials like milk, eggs, bread, meat, cheese...she was grateful for it! The story gets crazier here- She said she would be at church on Sunday, and that she would be ready at 11:45am with her kids. We were working to find her a ride, and when we finally did, like 3 minutes later her daughter called us telling us that this lady, Sonya is her name, was admitted into the hospital. She had fainted in her house...she got out Sunday night, and we went by this morning to give her a priesthood blessing. Another one of our investigators (Buddy, the RLDS guy) owns a ministry organization and he gave us some contact info to get her some help, so we did. She really wants us to start teaching them, and so we will this week! The reason why I mentioned "Hispanic" and "black" is because we help out anybody, and teach the word of God to all races. People down here can be pretty racist, and to me it is important to make known that we don't see color, and shouldn't see color as a way to treat someone any different.

I was reading in 3 Nephi 28:4-7 one morning. This is when Chirst asks his apostles in the Americas "what is it that ye desire of me, after that I am gone to the father?" 9 of them desired to be taken up after their ministry is done basically, and then Christ turned to thee other three apostles, but they didn't reply to his question. Christ knew their thoughts though, and they wanted to tarry until his second coming (Read the passage for more details). What stood out to me was interesting. We learn from scripture that God knows what we stand in need of before we ask it. That is why it is important for us not to "ask amiss" (James 4:3). When we pray, it is to the father in the name of Christ. The Holy Ghost can give you the words to pray, or in other terms, what to ask for. Then, when you do pray you will not ask amiss. sometimes though, we are afraid to ask for specific blessings for whatever reason. In this case, maybe these three apostles felt shame because the majority wanted to leave and the three wanted to stay? Who knows. Nevertheless, what I saw from these vereses is that God truly knows what we want, and what blessings we need, and he will give them to us, but how much more blessed are we if we know what we blessings we need through the spirit, and then ask for them? Our testimony of prayer will increase. This is motivation for me to always have the spirit with me. I know prayer is a power, for our benefit. Everything God can do, is for our benefit. He wants us to find peace. He wants us to feel joy!

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Anderson, Brian, Roundy, Goertzen, Elmer, me
Anderson, Brian, Roundy, Goertzen, Elmer, me
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Annie's House
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  1. I love how you allow the Savior to guide you to people who need His love. What a great example you are! Love your letters!


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