Monday, May 15, 2017

Dream Come True & Changes in the Hood!

Happy Mother's Day! from Shayla McLaughlin on Vimeo.

I'm getting transferred this Wednesday! I got a call from President and he thanked me for my service as a Zone Leader, and released me from that assignment. I have been an English Zone Leader for 81/2 months now, and oh boy what an experience it has been! I'm so grateful for the chance I had to teach those who speak English- I've worked amongst many great southern born peoples. I have been able to see and begin to understand the beliefs of other religions here in the south. I think I have become more tolerant and have grown to love the southern people like never before! I will be finishing my last 4 months of my mission speaking Spanish. I'm grateful to go back and strengthen the wonderful Hispanic population of Carolina. It's going to be a fun 3 transfers! My new companion and I will be "white-washing" meaning that the two elders there before are both being moved, and the two new ones come in with no previous knowledge of the area! I think I'll be in Boiling Springs- that is where Elder Douglas was for a while! I'm stoked! 

We did a lot of finding this week, but not a whole ton of success in teaching a sit-down lesson, which is alright! We got in contact with that Clemson Psychology Professor again, and we have a lesson with her tomorrow at 3! She seems like she could be golden!

On Monday evening we were in Anderson, and I was with Elder Lund (he is from Ephraim) on an evening exchange. We visited one of their less-active members and they gave me a referral for a friend that lives here in Greenville, in the Berea area near the church! We contacted that referral and two ladies when we pulled up were sitting on their porch. Their house is surrounded with a small fence, to keep their 5 dogs in the yard. They both came up and we talked for a while. They have both read the entire Book of Mormon, and believe it is a good book! They are SO educated on religion. That is what interests them. They have both read all of the Bible, Kuran, Book of Mormon, Torah (and the other Jewish book of scripture- forgot what it is called), Dead Sea Scrolls and something else. I told them about the Doctrine & Covenants and Pearl of Great Price…they want to read those. But seriously though, they have such a vast knowledge of so many religions- obviously backed up by a knowledge of world history, specifically European History. They aren't too interested, but like to learn new stuff.

I knocked a door open this week on somebody's trailer…and then they shut it! Sooo embarrassing! We were talking to this old guy who can't read or hear very well. He asked us questions and we talked for a while, and Elder Brian couldn't hear him so he kept on replying "huh?" or "what?" This guy took out one of his hearing aids, and and asked for $1500 to give it to him…funniest thing ever!

I cleaned out two chicken pens this week, played with goats, (tried to catch a goat or two but failed miserably-- as well with chickens).

We saw the national championship trophy at Clemson last Monday and we walked on the football field and in the stands! It was sweet!

When I get older Imma build a porch and chill on it. Every house has a decent sized porch where people just chill! It's cool!!

I'm excited for a new change and can't wait!!

Dream Come True!!! Clemson Tigers!


National Champs!

cleaned some goat & chicken pens

Angel Moroni on someone's mailbox 😂 
Painting of the first 55 temples

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