Monday, April 17, 2017

The story of the dirt dobber & the spider

I totally forgot to write a newsletter and I am running out of time! So real quick, this week we had MLC again, which meant Zone training meeting as well! They were both really good, powerful meetings. At ZTM I trained on sacrifice. Each zone chose a word to be their zone focus and ours was sacrifice. We came up with a phrase to remember to go along with it. Pay the price. The Spirit was so strong during the training and I feel like the missionaries were impacted by it.

In MLC and all of our meetings we always do a role play. This round of role plays is on asking inspired questions. As we did it in MLC, and realized something. One of the things we can learn from the message of the restoration is that Heavenly Father is constantly reaching out to us- reaching out through our families, prophets, scriptures, prayer, and even priesthood. I know he cares for us and he is blessing us. Sometimes we just don't recognize it due to sin, doubt or fears. It is so important to do all we can to be a disciple of his son. As that happens, we are most prone to recognize his hand in our lives- it is there, always there. I have a testimony of fasting and of priesthood power. I discovered two scriptures on this topic in Matthew this week. Matthew 9:6-8 and Matthew 9:14-15. Look them up! I'll talk more about it next week!

Happy late Easter!
Easter Dinner and Noche de Hogar

Scooby dooby doo, where are you?

The dirt dobber and the spider-- a story told to us by Buddy Simmons on his porch. 

(A dirt dobber is a wasp found in the south). 

He recounted that one Monday he was sitting in his rocking chair on the porch, In a corner where the bannister hits the column connected to the roof, he saw a cool looking spider sitting in its web. He decided to jus stay still and watch it. Eventually, a dirt robber came along. It approached the spider as to intimidate it. 

It made a particular buzzing noise as it antagonized the poor spider.
The spider- when hearing this buzz would cringe up a defense position in its web. The dirt dobber would encroach a few more times- each time being a little bolder. The spider reacted the same. Finally, the spider seemed to become tired of reacting to this dirt dobber, and when he buzzed again, it didn't seem to bother him. At this moment the dirt dobber decided to land on the web and lay down. This surprised the spider sparked its interest. He crept slowly towards the dirt dobber who acted as if he was struck. As the spider reached the dirt dobber, the dobber- never confided by the web, turned over and stung the spider, paralyzing it. The dirt dobber took his spoils and flew to his nest to feed the spider to the young eggs. 

We can learn a lot from this natural occurrence. Satan tempts us with sin. He won't stop to tempt us. He wants us to spiritually die. He will bother us little by little and will be bold in doing so. It is up to us to put up a defense. We cannot mess with sin. The minute we let our curiosity get to us, and we put these defenses down, is the moment in which he will sting us, and we will fall. Don't play with the temptation. You will lose every time. 

more nests...

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