Monday, April 24, 2017

In the Backwoods of South Carolina...

Funny stories this week real fast..

We were trying to get into contact with an inactive member named Michelle. We went to the neighbors house and rang their doorbell. We had seen someone walk inside a few minutes earlier, so we knew they were home. After we rang the doorbell, some guy shouted "ain't nobody home"! We waited or a minute, and nobody came to the door…he was being serious! Pretty funny stuff!

We met another guy named Mr. Mosley. I thought when he introduced himself, he said "Moses", but turns out he liked that I called him Moses. He told us that he had been called by God to be the new millennial Moses. We kinda played along, and he said that it was true. He told us that he found the staff of Moses! I was curious, so I asked bout how he found it. He told us the following story:
"My wife needed a mother's day gift, so I prayed to God to help me find her a gift since I had no money. God led me to the trees across the street. I walked into the trees and was led to a well. There I saw a staff that was connected to some vines still. It was being guarded by a ferocious, black animal. It was like a panther, but it wasn't a panther, and it wasn't a cat. It was growling at me and the growl shook the ground (proceeds to growl like this animal did). I took out my knife and began to cut away at the vine, and the whole time the animal kept growling, so I had to be careful. I brought it out finally, and I took it home to show my wife. It has truly been a blessing to us." He told us that because of the staff, God has blessed them with money, then he pointed to his new Mercedes. He was sincere with his whole story. He asked if we wanted to see it, and of course we said yes! He brought it out and unwrapped it from a plastic bag. it was a thick vine with another vine wrapped around it. he had decorated the small vine that was wrapped around it as a serpent, using pink paint and black electrical tape! It looked pretty cool to be honest! He said he got a standing ovation in his church when he presented it! We tried to teach him, but he was super not interested. I'm grateful though for the memory we made together! haaha

This week at one of our service opportunities, I learned how to lay down brick with mortar and how to make mortar…super easy stuff, and it was fun too!

We taught a guy named Paulie. He just got out of jail and was there for 10 months! If you want to see what humble looks like in someone's countenance, he is one to meet for sure! We shared the church's easter video and talked about Christ's atoning sacrifice. He has changed his life around so much and he shared with us his testimony!

We taught Geraldine again and she has been reading from her big book of mormon we got her! she is going through every single footnote for every single verse…I don't think I could do that! I mean she is retired and does not have anything else to do so she has lots of time!

We taught a lady yesterday named Ferris. She requested a bible and a Book of Mormon. She has two little boys, and her life has been off track for a while. She is trying to get it back on track and the spirit was strong as we testified of christs love for her. We shared the Easter video as well, and she couldn't control her emotions. She said she felt so warm inside as she watched it. She will be at book of Mormon class on Wednesday!

We taught the restoration to a man at the entrance to a grove of trees…that was pretty cool. You may expect me to say that he wanted to learn more, but he was not interested. Nevertheless, it was pretty cool to teach in that setting! (it was by a lake too)

I have been studying the importance of covenants lately...
Alma 46:21-22… Keep your covenants paramount and your obedience exact!

Paper Football!

yummy blueberry biscuit
Another ghetto sled

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