Monday, April 3, 2017

Conference Weekend & my black Grandma

This week felt like a total blur! The pinnacle of the week was of course, general conference on Saturday and Sunday. I received answers to my questions, some pretty clear direction and I learned what I need to be working on. I'll talk about that in a second.
We taught Martha this week and read Moroni chapter 6 in the Book of Mormon. We focused on teaching the importance of church attendance, in hopes that she would understand why coming to church frequently is important in gaining a testimony. It was very powerful! She mentioned how to her, worshipping means paying attention…she had said this before and not sure if I included this in a previous email. I like that though. As we have Christ in remembrance constantly, we can feel of his spirit, of his love and come closer to him. Remembrance is so key in our lives. I was reading Moroni 4 and 5 this week and took time to dissect the sacrament prayers. Something stood out to me- in the prayer, we are asking God to "bless and sanctify" either the bread or the water. it goes on to state that we ask for this "that [we] may [eat or drink] in remembrance" of Christ's body and blood. So, when something is blessed or sanctified, its purpose is for us to remember Christ. As I thought about this, a scripture in Genesis came to mind that I had read a while ago. Genesis 2:3 "And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made." Now this scripture in Genesis does not mention 'remembrance' but we have been taught to remember god especially on the sabbath. As we work our hearts out throughout the week, exhaust our bodies and minds too- the sabbath becomes the special time to sit back, and remember the mercies of God, to recognize his hand in our week. It truly is a time to worship him. The sabbath day is so special! God understands life is tough- and he has granted unto us a special day to recuperate, remember him and commit to be a better disciple the following week. I know keeping this day holy is so important, and heck- this commandment in Exodus contains the most verses to explain… If our society would abide by this commandment, we would be more blessed FOR SURE!

Martha came to Book of Mormon class and liked it, but didn't watch conference with us. She is so so close, but just doesn't see the whole picture yet. The biggest thing for us is trying to get her to church! We have tried a lot of things…any suggestions?

We taught the Restoration to Jasmine this week! So she has heard the Plan of Salvation, and Gospel of Jesus Christ- so this finished the first three lessons! It was a great lesson, and we shared the restoration video. I could feel the spirit in the room, and I know for sure she felt something while watching it. We both could tell. She is so humble, and just wants to know more! Still working on getting her to church!

We did not meet with Alex this week- we had two appointments, but he was not home for either, and has no cell phone…unable to contact!! I hope we can se him soon!

We are teaching the funniest, kindest, loudest black lady named Geraldine! I love her so much! She is like my black grandma. She loves our visits and agrees with everything we teach her. We have been reading to her from the Book of Mormon, and this week we finally got a large print Book of Mormon for her. We knocked on her door, and she opened up standing with her walker and did some funny granny dance as she said "woooo! thank ya lord!" and she began to sing out of excitement. It warmed my heart that she was so excited to be able to read scripture! So far she has started up reading her Bible again since our visits started and she is grateful for us influencing her to do it! We are so stoked to teach her again this week!

We met a guy named Buddy this week. He is actually R-LDS or Community of Christ. He has a testimony of the Book of Mormon, and apparently they have the Doctrine and Covenants like us too! We talked with him for a while- shared some scriptures too. He shared a story with us about a spider and a dirt dobber that I need to write out and send… I will type it out and send it next week… If I can remember haha.

I had an exchange with a trainee- man he had a lot of energy and talked my ear off! It was pretty funny! He is so green! He walked really close to me throughout the day, stood next to me as I was brushing my teeth, and shared lots of stories. At one point I have to admit, I got a little frustrated- but these words came to my mind immediately "Treat him like your little brother. He looks up to you. Be an example". That was pretty cool… I pushed out the temptation to become frustrated, and did my best to take him under my wing. It turned out great, and grew to love the new young elder!

In other news, I finished the Book of Mormon again! It is my third time on the mission…never ceases to amaze me at how much I learn every time. I feel like every time I read it, it gets better!

I learned much from this April General Conference. A huge emphasis was placed on increasing our faith in Christ, and setting ourselves upon a firm foundation. Many messages pointed towards overcoming the world- becoming a sin resistant generation. Elder Hales mentioned weaving our own tapestry of Christ-attributes- thread by thread- (see 2 Peter 1:5-8). Following the spirit, becoming a spiritual 'first responder' stood out to me. Another thing was the need for us to understand and keep our covenants, which will give us power. Virtue gives faith its power- working on becoming more virtuous I felt like was something I needed to hear. People tend to connect virtue with morality, but it is not always so-- study it some more and you'll find out really what it is. Revelation is so important. We cannot have salvation without revelation. We need the scriptures to become our words- that is done through revelation. Bruce R. McConkie talked about that in his last conference address before passing away. I received peace, direction and answers for sure! One last thing that was brought up again and again was seeing others as 
God sees them…so vital!

That is all I got! 

Elder Mac
General Conference with the Albrecths

Car got hit

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