Monday, March 20, 2017

So, first off-- Downtown has been packed this week! Duke and North Carolina in town and many games went on! It was cool seeing all the fans! At church yesterday we had in attendance the family of two players! Frank Jackson, who plays for Duke, had family at church yesterday, as well as Stilton White for the Tar Heels! That was cool! The Gamecocks upset Duke! As of now, Coastal Carolina, and Clemson are reigning champs in baseball and football…it would be sick to have a Carolina team win basketball too!

Another fun fact- all of this clown stuff with clowns chasing people across the country started in Greenville. lol.

We walked into a burger place this week, and on CNN there was a street video cam of 2 mormon missionaries getting robbed…the missionaries took down the punks and scared them off! I felt some pride to be a missionary! heck yeah!

We have been counseled as a mission to be getting 10 hours of service a week. We have struggled to hit that, but this week we put more effort into finding opportunities to serve, and stuff just fell into our laps! Because of our efforts, we were blessed with putting 2 solid people on date! We put them on date each after a half day of service! Kinda cool! One on date is Jasmine, who is the sister of Frank. Frank, (14), Gigi (8) and Jasmine (26) are all not members of the church but their mom is. We have been working with that family for a long time! We taught the Plan of Salvation and Jasmine bore a powerful testimony on prayer after we asked Frank if he knew that his Savior loved him. She wants to be all in or not in at all…and she wants us to help her commit! That is what we are here to do!
Another we put on date is Alex. Alex is 21, and has a brother, a step dad (who just went to jail) and a mom. His mom is from Mexico and still does not know English (been here for 28 yrs). We taught the message of the restoration. He mentioned how his whole life he never has gone to church much. He felt that it was important to just have a solid relationship with Christ within himself- no need of reorganized religion-- but here is the thing- he shared next with us that he has been feeling very strongly that the before mentioned thing is not enough. He told us "I need to go to the House of the Lord, to worship him more fully". He shared 2 experiences where God answered his prayers, and where God also directed his path as he read from the Bible. I want to add to that- I know that the scriptures are a special tool that God has given to us to grant us peace, comfort and direction, because that is what I have received. He will always guide us.

We had a great meeting with the stake presidency this week and talked a lot about member relations between missionaries and members. We talked about service and shared with them what we have been personally doing in this area. I love these stake leaders.

Church was great yesterday. Actually, the last two weeks. I know that Heavenly Father is mindful about what is going on in our lives, and will aid us accordingly. We learned about patience, submitting ourselves to God's will and revelation through prayer. One thing that was mentioned stood out to me in this regard… in a war, the first thing an enemy will do is jam all communication of the opponent. Without that communication, the opponent cannot really do much.
Ephesians 2:2 "prince and power of the air" is the devil himself. He is doing all he can to jam our communication with heaven…to try and keep the heavens closed off to us. One thing that has hit me the last few months is that I need to be constantly evaluating my life to make sure that what I am doing is not blocking revelation to come to me. Salvation cannot come without revelation. We need it.

I have grown to love this story in the book of Matthew:
Matthew 16:13-18
That rock the church would be built upon is not Peter, but is revelation. Our foundation must be on revelation- we must do what is necessary to humble ourselves and put in effort to open the windows of heaven, for our own sakes. Jesus is the Christ, I have felt his love. The Book of Mormon is a witness that he is our Savior. Nothing will waiver me from that, because it is my rock.

There was a face to face event for youth by Elder Holland and Eyring. It was something I needed and it talked so much about prayer, revelation and the restoration. I invite all of you to check it out! you won't regret it!

Bring It On!

confederate flag above upside down American...welcome to the south

confederate flag above upside down American...welcome to the south

  1. Can you find the attack owl and the warning?

somewhere in Fountain Inn

Falls Park in Downtown Elder Boone & Elder Holmstead are in white 

Falls Park Downtown

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