Tuesday, March 14, 2017

It's all about service & bringing people closer to Christ

Monday night we had a lesson with Martha and her friend Myra! It was Martha's birthday as well, so we had some cake! She is getting closer to baptism and she is reading more from the Book of Mormon. One thing we have focused on lately is strengthening our relationship with the members in our area. Every week we go visit two or three families and give them a Book of Mormon. We ask them to write their testimonies in the Book of Mormon in a weeks' time. If they feel so inclined, they can give that book out with their testimony, or we take it back, and then we pass it out. When we go back to collect it, we share a message and get to know them a little bit. It has been working gout pretty well! 

We visited this lady and sat with her on the porch. She said she hasn't had missionaries stop by in a long time! We read 3 Nephi 19 together and the spirit was strong. She said she had been lacking in her studies and felt like this was God telling her to start up again. As we read it was interesting because Christ was praying for those whom the father had given them out of this world, rather than for those in the world. She asked a question about that, and it made me think a lot. Jesus Christ is our advocate before the father. He will advocate our cause. I don't think that just on judgement day, that will be the case. We are blessed as we try, and he will advocate for us as we change and become someone who more closely exemplifies him. That brought me much comfort to know that we have a Savior.
We met a black guy walking down some random trailer park street we were in. I'll admit, I judged him at first. We got out and walked with him. He had found an ID card of some hispanic that was left on the ground, and was trying to return it. We helped look for the house, and couldn't find it. All he was doing, was wanting to serve. He told us he got out of prison (in there for 25 years) and while he was in, his parents passed away. He has no family either. I really felt for him as we walked and talked. We are truly children of God. We seem to forget that sometimes. It does not matter how far off we have traveled, because there is always a way back with through our Savior. 

We struggled this week with finding new people to teach- the slump has gotten kind of tiring; nevertheless, we press on. We finished the week with a tender mercy though. We checked by a home of a former investigator and were invited in. This was a sweet Russian family. We talked about the Plan of Salvation and they shared their views as did we. At first it seemed as if they were completely different, but as we intently listened, we reealized they believed the same things we did in term of our purpose, our life before and after! They gave us dinner, and we talked for over an hour. I never met someone so intelligent before in my life. His thought process and the way he put his beleifs out there just made so much sense. He said, "I guess we are already Mormons." We will see them again this week.

I'm grateful for my mission, for this gospel, and for the experiences I have had. All I want to do is bring people closer to Christ. That is all I care about, and when others don't undertand that, it is when it gets frustrating. I need to use more patience, and I know the Lord will guide us to those who are ready to accept this message we share, just as that Russian family last night.

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