Monday, February 20, 2017

Short & Sweet

Soo...I did not space my time out so well! Oops! This will be a short one!
  • Our investigator Martha is kinda hot and then cold in terms of desire to be a member of the church. We had a great lesson on the keeping the sabbath day holy, and she understood it is a commandment. We read with her from the Book of Mormon too. She cancelled a few appointemtns, and never showed up to church. Not sure what is going on. :(
  • Tuesday we had planned to knock around a new-move in, and we were in the right place at the right time. A guy named Donny, who used to live in travelers rest (part of the hunger games filmed there btw) showed up in his work van to do some apartment maintenance. He had ordered a Book of Mormon months ago, but never had received one! We gave him a Book of Mormon and talked about it a bit.
  • We have been doing more on our part to get into member homes. We have scheduled some FHE with families in the ward. 
  • We are getting media referrals up the wall! Everyone seems to have a bible app and there are ads the church puts onto the application. They are for free bibles and copies of the Book of Mormon. We are finding some solid people through it. Little does anyone know that whoever made those bible apps are helping us missionaries share the Gospel!
  • We need solid, strong black ladies in all our congregations! Oh my goodness I have met so many who have such a strong faith in Christ. They are freaking hilarious also, and just make you smile! We talked with one the other day- and we told her that we testify of Christ and help others come unto him... she replied "You means to tell me, dat same guy who walked on water, dat same guy who rose from the grave? Yeah I knows everythin' 'bout dat man"
  • Last night we had a dinner and a lesson with Kristen! Finally! It was sick, because it was not a formal lesson, but the entire dinner, she asked such great questions about doctrine, history of the church and what not. The Albrechts were perfect! They shared experiences, and explained so simply and clearly to answer her questions. We shared our testimonies and taught a few principles, but I am so grateful for members who understand missionary work! Wohoo! 
  • Elder Fife is leaving this week... but he will be back to visit in 3 weeks. It has been a great 7 weeks with him, and I'm glad to call him a friend for life!! 
Elder McLaughlin- envió desde mi iPad

Jessica Albrecht giving Brayden an air hug:) I told her just to give him a mom hug from me, but.... mission rules...

Dinner with Kristen, one of the newer investigators 

Family Rodriguez. We were the first
misisonaries to meet tthem when they moved to the states back when we were firsts comps in Simpsonville! They are from Monterrey, Mexico! Now they have been in our ward in Greenville for a few months!
The Albrechts!!

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