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White in Greenville

Fort Sumter: LeCheminant, Jacobsen, Finch, me
I had a pretty good week this week! We started off with heading to Fort Sumter for my last P-day in Charleston! It was like a 25 minute ferry ride over there. Pretty cool historical spot! (tons of pics below) Glad I went! I'm so grateful to have served in Charleston! It will forever be the favorite city in South Carolina! AJ and Jaime did not get baptized, nor did they get baptized this last Saturday. Not sure what will happen. I am going to miss them though. I love the friendship that I have made with them, and I know one day they will be blessed with becoming members of the church. They've got great kids who will push them! At transfers on Wednesday, AJ called thanking me for helping him out, and being his friend. He said I did so much for him. I was happy to hear that. Keep praying for them!

So now, I get to Greenville, with Elder Fife!
Jessica & Aric Albrecht sent this to mom
I am on cloud nine! Love this guy! At transfer meeting sister Turner termed us, and I quote, "the celestial companionship" hahah! It will be a super good transfer! Right now though I am just super lost! Haven't really been able to catch my breath because so much has been going on. We taught a bunch this week which was great! We also found another food bank to do service at! Food banks need so much help, and
local food bank
there is so much we can do there. We live near a baptist church that plays bells on the hour…it's pretty cool! We got snow and ice here this weekend…and for that reason the whole zone had to leave 
 Greenville Friday night so we wouldn't get stuck and miss the meeting we had with elder clayton and elder stevensen. Last year with Elder Fife, we got snow too! I just get crazy weather wherever I go…hurricanes included.
white out in Greenville!
Right now we have 5 investigators on date for baptism in Febuary! They are all super solid too! and guess what? They are all Hispanics! Now we only teach one of the families in Spanish, the rest in English- but still! Last night was the first Spanish lesson in a while. Their names are Miguel and Rosa and they have a son named Rolando who is 9. They are from Guatemala, and guess what? Rosa and Miguel speak Quiche, which is a Mayan dialect in Guatemala. Rosa is getting better with learning Spanish, and Miguel knows both languages. 

We taught another family of two- Martha and Jack. We teach them in English. They are super elect! We put them on date last night, and the lesson was very powerful. The spirit was the strongest as our member shared his conversion story from the methodist church, and bore his testimony of the Book of Mormon. I am so grateful for members who understand the importance of teaching with the missionaries. Taking out member who used to belong to another church is so helpful as well, because the investigators can see that they aren't the only ones who have taken a leap of faith to change their lives.

Quick thought: At the end of January into early Febuary, the Book of Mormon Musical will be here in downtown! We will be standing outside at the end of the performance and passing out copies of the Book of Mormon! We want to have a poster too that says something like "now read the book" or "the book is always better".. if any of y'all have ideas, send me an email!

We got to meet with Elder Clayton of the seventy and Elder Stevensen of the quorum of the 12 apostles. I learned so much from them… they are hilarious also. We were talking about the commitment pattern outlined in preach my gospel: invite, promise blessings, and bare testimony.
Elder Stevensen, after talking about the role of the holy ghost in our teaching, went on to ask how many 3-pack companionships (comps of 3 elders instead of 2) there were. A bunch raised their hands. He went on to state that the South Carolina Columbia Mission was going to be a pilot program for the church, and that every companionship would work in 3's. We were all surprised…then he asked if we knew who our 3rd companions would be, and nobody raised their hands. So he said, the Holy ghost is! He started laughing and we all laughed along… He followed up and said that he and no authority to do that here, and if he did do that he would be brought in to President Monson's office real fast haaha. I learned a ton, but don't have time to share. Elder Clayton taught me a lot. He also came to Greenville stake conference, which was pretty special. He talked about the two great commandments. The key to keeping the second one is to keep the first. He talked about improving love at home. He said "if we want to improve love at home, we start individually. As we become more obedient to the commandments, our capacity to love increases". He added "don't hector your spouse, hector yourself". all good words to live by! 

The Turners were there too and Elder Clayton talked about the many roles of mission presidents. One of them is "to bring the gospel to the missionaries, and send them home converted." I think The Turners have done a great job of that. We have learned how to live the gospel, not only to study it. I have learned how rouse faith as a power to accomplish what I desire to. Likwise, it is the mission presidents job to help convert the missionaries, he said that parents are the mission presidents to their kids. It is the parents job to teach their children the gospel and help them become converted. thought that was pretty cool….writing this might not make sense, but in the future I'll send some of my notes exactly how I wrote them.
At stake conference I saw many members from Simpsonville, and it was great reconnecting with them!

Here are some more church marquis quotes I have seen lately:

"Prayer-the world's best wireless connection"

"Do you fear God? It is the beginning of wisdom"

Did I mention we are headed to Clemson today to visit the campus? Happy National Championship!! GO TIGERS!

Columbia, South Carolina Mission

Elder Jacobson & me at Perfectly Franks

Fort Sumter: Finch, Jacobsen, LeCheminant, Me

Fort Sumter: LeCheminant, Jacobsen, Finch, me
Elders in the District
La Familia Rivera

Muckenfuss Fam

Jacobsen wants to come with me. Packed him up.

handmade red bricks slaves made for the fort

old cannons

sick view!

Greenville snow

Food bank service

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  1. I love your letters! You have such a great way of expressing the things you've learned, your testimony and activities. Keep on keeping on! love you! aunt jan


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