Tuesday, November 1, 2016


So I need to go and buy some long pants. During service Saturday and Sunday I was bit so many times by mosquitos! Last night's final total was... drum roll please!

79 bites on all of my body! SEVENTY-NINE!  #itchy. Note to self...wear thick pants in the South. They get you through thin pants and socks too. They love my ankles.

Okay so we put Kevin on date again for December 3! He is super solid! He feels good every time he meets with us. He said that we give him strength that he did not have before we started to meet with him! This last lesson, we read 1 Nephi chapter 1 with him and he understood it super well! He got really excited too! Now he has not come to church because people keep quitting at the place he works at, so he is constantly covering peoples shifts! He will get to church soon though! So you know those cuckoo clocks that play music or make bird noises at the top of the hour? Yeah so immediately after he said yes to baptism, their clock went off playing the tune "Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring," which happens to be my favorite song to play on the violin... pretty legit haha! 

SHEENA!! Last night we met with her to prep her for her baptismal interview on Wednesday! She is all ready for baptism this Saturday at 6pm! I am so excited and happy! She is so ready for this in her life and really understands the Gospel. We asked her a question on repentance, and she bore her testimony to us of repentance. It was so powerful! Please pray that all will go as planned for her!

A few months back, Elder Douglas and I taught a less-active member named Maribel one night, and then asked some questions to obtain a referral. We sent that referral out- which by the way was for someone in Mexico. I got word that this referral we sent out got baptized this last week!! Hurray for helping Mexico baptize!

This week we hit up a restaurant in Summerville called Perfectly Franks! It has been featured on the Food Network- the guy with the spikey white hair came or something. It is super original with some wacky hot dogs. There was a peanut butter french toast syrup breakfast hot dog, and all the names had "frank" in
 (mom note: I looked it up online- place looks legit! Featured on Diners, Drive-In's & Dives)
Aretha FRANKlin, FRANK Sinatra, and many others... I had the Anne Frank which is a turkey dog with swiss cheese topped with coleslaw and spicy mustard. It was DANNNG good!! I did not take a picture though- woops!

I went on exchanges with an Elder in Summerville, and we biked a ton!! 28.2 miles! My legs were dying guys!! These missionary bike elders have some dang strong legs. No twigs allowed!

We did more service this weekend! It was super duper fun! We aren't permitted to use power tools, but we took a picture with chain saws. We did not use the chain saws just to let y'all know that....we would be in some trouble if we did. We took down, or watched a member take down some huge trees...video above. It slightly damaged the house as it came down. Once again people were so grateful for our help. While doing service I met an older lady named Ursula. She had a thick accent and she said she was from Germany! Sent her info over to the Charleston elders, so hopefully she gets taught soon! We helped clean up her yard and she was so happy!

So today we are on lock-down because of Halloween, so it's basically an all-day P-day. Elder Dillree and I are headed up to Columbia to chill with the Assistants and the other Zone leaders. Tomorrow is MLC again so might as well head up a day early.

We have some really cool elders serving around us! Elder Fuchs and Elder Edgington are two of them- Elder Fuchs is a really good missionary and he is currently training out of training! Elder Edgington is hilarious, and is such a greenie hahaha! They took over the old spnaish area and are doing English work there now. They started with 0 investigators and are working super hard! Elder Fuchs is from St. George (as it is with so many of the missionaries here) and Elder Edgington is from Kaysville, UT.

Can't think of anything else! Till next week! I am doing super awesome and couldn't be any happier with this upcoming week!

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