Monday, November 28, 2016

The Cat Lady & Thanksgiving

Jorge & me celebrating Thanksgiving in style
Hey y'all! This week was a long one! It is hard to remember what
really happened! Lets try to..

Tuesday morning we went and did service as a zone at the rec center in North Charleston. They wanted like 20 or so of us, and so we came with about that much. We showed up and there were already hundreds of people!!! What happened is that there were three huge columns of tables with food on them and under them in boxes. We unpacked the boxes and placed Thanksgiving food items in them. 
Part of the Charleston Zone looking so fly at Tuesday service.

There was pumpkin pie, stuffing, green beans a frozen turkey and whatever else you would traditionally eat. It literally lasted 45 minutes and we did sooo many boxes. They then had drivers take them to peoples houses who needed thanks giving and that was it! It was pretty cool! Hurray city of North Charleston!!
I went on two exchanges this week and one of them was a super fun one with Elder Fuchs!! We were biking around, and we went to visit some kids who they have been teaching. We threw the football with them for a few minutes and then shared a lesson. These kids' mom is an alcoholic, and I think they dont have a dad figure in the picture and as I talked to Elder Fuchs, he was telling me that they are trying to be role models for the kids. They love the missionaries! The kids are pretty dang solid too. We went to go contact a referral named Dominic, but he wasn't home. We knocked around his town house, but nothing. It was 6:30 and it was dark (It sucks how fast it gets dark now). A lady then came out with grocery bags as we were walking back to the bikes.
So there is a forested area that borders the parking lot of this town house complex. There is some dirt for like 10 feet then it gets to some trees. This lady puts the bags down and started dumping out cat food kibble along the dirt next to the curb. It was like 20 ft long. Then she puts out leftover meats and potatoes. Within a minute of this happening, 18 cats come from this forested area to eat the food!! EIGHTEEN!! This lady said that there are 22 plus a few possums and raccoons. Carolina has a terrible stray cat problem. there is no way it will ever get fixed... there are just too many. We talked to her about the cats and every night she feeds them. She has a kind heart for sure. We tied in somehow talking about her religious background, and then we got on the subject of the sacrament and communion. We talked about our beliefs and then the Book of Mormon and she was super excited. She wants to come to church and take "communion again."  She seemed pretty excited to learn about the Book of Mormon too! 

To end the exchange, we had a dang sick lesson at 7:30 with a less-active lady. She is 29 and was baptized at 19 yrs old, but does not remeber jack squat about what she was taught. She hardly knows anything about the church too. So basically they are teaching her as a brand new investigator. We had a member out with us, and she was such a great fellowshipper. We only got to like the first 2 points of the restoration message, but it was a powerful lesson. We each bore strong testimony of the atonement.

Something cool is that a scripture popped into my head and so I
flipped open to it (2 nephi 25:28 talking about grace... not sure which verse) and as I was opening to it, the member started bearing testimony that went in line perfectly with the scripture I was going to share! The spirit was strong that night. Members who know their stuff, and are not afraid to share testimony are so vital and great for our investigstors and less-active members! If you are reading this, and you are a member, GO OUT WITH THE MISSIONARIES! The Lord needs you, and we need you. Speaking of members, the Muckenfuss family has 29 fellowshippers. The more, the better.

Thanksgiving was great! We started off with a turkey bowl, and it went super well! The quarterback was some older guy who couldn't throw to save his life. I decided to give up on ever getting a reception (which I didn't) and go hard on defense instead. I pulled a corner blitz play a lot during the about QB scrambles. We had some African American guys show up, and they were dang good. They played some college ball, and one was a DB at Furman University! I woke up Friday, my whole body soooo sore! Good workout though. I miss football, for sure.
We ate with a family whose last name is Elder! Haha the Elders ate with the Elders. It was some dang good mess! I want to eat there again! We also had Thanksgiving at the Rivera's house. They are a Guatemalan family in the ward. Us, the spanish elders, the other North Charleston elders, the Costellos (senior couple) and Jorge showed up. I was so full that I couldn't finish apple pie!! Dangit! 'Twas a good day!

Well, I cant recall anything else too big! We have transfers this week and I get a new comp! Not sure who it is yet. Only sisters are being transferred this transfer from our zone! Kinda funny!

Till next week!

Elder McLaughlin- envió desde mi iPad

Last District pic + Sisters Heaton & Davis

Happy Thanksgiving mom & dad!

Thanksgiving with the Riveras

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