Monday, November 14, 2016

'Pokemon Go to Church'

This was a good week! 

Every church here has a sign you put letters in or whatever to display a message-- <marquis> I have been writing some of them down. There are some good quotes, and some funny ones too. I'll add in new ones every week.

"give satan an inch and he will be your ruler" -Baptist 

"pokemon go to church"- Baptist 

"The bible is a book that reads you as you read it"- Baptist

"God gave his son. What will you give?" -Pentacostal

"Lifes trials are God's school of faith" -Methodist 

"If you are looking for the perfect church, this is definitley not it" -Community church

"Be still and trust me" -Baptist

Yesterday during ward council, we prayerfully chose names of less-actives to visit and selected fellow shippers for them. The fellowships this week will go and contact these less-actives and see if they could bring the missionaries in to start teaching them! It was so cool to see the ward council put names out, and discuss all of them! Going after the ONE! That is what we all need to be focusing on in our wards and branches. So I am going to be out of order for this email... 

Friday we had a member out with us to go visit an older lady (in her 80's) who is returning to church. Her name is Sister Chaney. We had a really good lesson with her. We read from Mosiah 27 and it really applied to her life. It was cool because when we shared our testimonies, she understood what the chapter meant for her...I forget exactly what she said clicked, but it did! After the lesson (which by the way was in the Ghetto) we find out that the member's car had a flat he was riding rim. We pulled into a street light and replaced the tire real quick. We had church fold up chairs in the trunk that we used for our lesson, and so when we went to go take out the donut, we placed them along the fence next to us. We totally forgot about the chairs until we pulled up to our apartment. We uses these 3 chairs as our dinner table chairs, and we needed them back. It is a 10 or 15 minute drive, and at this point it was like 9:15--- safe to say we got home late whoops! Saturday morning, said member took his car in to get a new tire, and the guy gave one to him for free! Blessings of going out with the Elders for sure! 

Quick side note: I may have said this before, but my grammar is getting worst the longer I am in the joke! Hanging around the projects and teaching people down there is having its effects haha!

Speaking of grammar, someone gave me a PDF of the Gullah Bible. Gullah are Native Africans, well I don't know too much about who they are. All I know is that there is a Gullah museum in Georgetown, and that they are the only ones permitted to pick sweet-grass and make/sell sweet-grass baskets. They are sold in Charleston at the market, and along the streets of Mt. Pleasant.
I had an exchange in Georgetown this week.
We saw some huge cotton fields! It would be fun to do some cotton picking one day- maybe. One thing those elders do is drive to an appointment 30 minutes early and park far enough away where they can walk and street contact people as they head towards the appointment. We did that together and it was pretty cool! That is something I have not thought of before.

This last week in my personal study, I have been studying the sanctifying power of the holy ghost. I have learned a ton so far, and its pretty exciting. It ties in with everything too- sacrament, atonement, baptism etc... two things that I have learned is that first, we baptize for the remission of sins, and baptism is the starting point, meaning that receiving a remission of our sins is not our final goal here either. Our goal is to have a pure heart-basically changing our carnal nature to have no more desire to sin, which comes through the sanctifying and
strengthening power of the atonement. Having the companionship of the Holy ghost is so vital, because it allows us to have constant access to the grace of God. I'm really excited to learn much more about all of this...this week we have interviews with President Turner and the topic is what we are studying during personal study. I am excited to share!

We set up some sick appointment this week and we hope to be seeing members some more! We have exchanges this week in Mount Pleasant, and Charleston (I'm in north Charleston) and we are doing two baptismal interviews on Wednesday, one here and one in Georgetown. Georgetown is in the stake and it is sooo far away!! 2 hour drive basically!! #roadtrips

The Muckenfuss daughters are about the same age as my sisters, and they have such strong testimonies. They pray with so much power and it is so amazing to witness the powerful spirit they each have. Made me miss my family a lot last night.

The ward had its primary program and we had a full house! The last song they sung was scripture power and every time they sang the words "scripture power" they all raised up their scriptures! It was fantastic!

much love,
elder brayden

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