Monday, November 21, 2016

Free Bibles

So we had a really sick exchange full of miracles on Tuesday! We have not had many new investigators the last few weeks, but we sure did get some on Tuesday! So in our area we get tons of media
Elders in the district at The Battery
referrals every week. Mostly for requesting free bibles. We went and contacted some on Tuesday. We went around and at first had no success meaning nobody opened their doors. Then we had some miracles. The first was we went to go contact a referral named Latoya. We drove past her house, and parked then walked up the street. We were almost to the door and we saw a lady walking to us. She pulled a baby from her car and I asked if she was Latoya. It was her! We talked with her for a while and we found out that she works with one of our less-active members. She has talked with missionaries before like 8 years ago, but lost contact with the church! We shared James 1:5 with her and talked about prayer in her life. She talked about needing to learn to forgive others. She had a super bright countenance and I hope she will accept our message! She said she is very open! 

A little later we pulled up to an apartment complex. We got out and a couple came out of their apartment on the second floor and walked to a dumpster. We looked at the number on the door and it was them!! Wohooo! I forget what we shared but it went well! We went by again on Friday, but they were not home. We will try them again this week. We went to go by a potential investigator named Andrea, but as we were approaching her house, I felt to continue past it and go to an investigator named Lakoiya. She was on date before, and the other elders used to teach her before we split their area up. We pulled up, and she was on her way out of the house! That is 3 times that day with people coming out of their house or to their house at the perfect time! With that last impression I had, it was the smallest thought. Like I didn't realize it was a spiritual impression until after the fact. Also to end the night, we yet again hit up a referral in an apartment complex. She was not there. We walked down the stairs back to the car, and there was a younger lady standing out front on her phone. I got in the car and felt that I should get out and talk to her. I turned the key and I was basically fighting the prompting. I thought to myself "don't be stupid just get out and go over there." I got out, and we (Elder Butterfield and I) started to talk to her. She is 22 and she is a less-active! She wants to get back to church and needs her ward family again. She grew up in the Georgetown branch and funny thing is that Elder Butterfield used to serve there, so they were able to talk about some members! It was sweet!!

Other than that, we had interviews with president. The topic was on personal study. It was pretty good! The zone has 7 baptisms 26 of November so I hope all go through!!! The zone is at 3 right now for the month of November.

We had stake Coordination last night and man, this stake really has missionary work rolling forward. I love meeting with President Johnson. He is a close tie with President Ham!!

Ps. We ate at a famous sea food place called Hymans and I sat the same spot as Neil Armstrong once did!

We have an apostle coming in January along with a member of the
seventy and one of the presiding bishops. On a separate occasion in January, we have Whitney L. Clayton coming to the mission for a tour!! WOOOHOOO!


Elder McLaughlin

booth at the flea market

Me & Elder Edgington

Sick sunset at the battery downtown Charleston

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