Monday, November 7, 2016


The week started off and ended great!! Monday we went up at like 3:00 to West Columbia to hang out with the other zone leaders. We were not able to proselyte due to
Halloween, so we just ended up playing basketball. My skill has been honed to the point where I could totally beat Mons one on one EVERY time haha! We have a lot of good ball players in the mission. We have a 6'8" elder who won a state title with Bountiful HS....heck ya! MLC was really awesome again too! The assistants and president gave some really good training. 
Six Zone Leader companionships, Sister Training Leaders, Assistants to the President, President & Sister Turner

We talked about charity and love- well it seemed like we talked about that at least. I learned more about that topic this week for sure, but I need to still do better at applying it. President trained on 1 Corinthians 8:4-13. As we went through it, I was a little bit confused, because he was training on music. But finally it all clicked. if you read these verses it talks about a higher law. When we do something that is not contrary to any commandment, or is
 not wrong, but may offend someone else, we sin against Christ. He mentioned the music we listen to. If we are listening to music that is not against mission standards, but someone else feels uncomfortable or offended by it, don't listen to it. Same principle applies to everything else. If we do something that offends somebody- even if we understand that it isn't bad, then don't do it. Not sure if any of that made sense or if you think I'm crazy, but read the scripture and figure out what it means for yourself :)

Sheena got baptized on Saturday! It was an awesome service too! She wanted me to baptize her, and I was super grateful for that! She was a bundle of emotions.
She felt the spirit, she was anxious, she was nervous, but she did it! This is what a missionary works towards. We brought one more soul to Christ's fold! Only a lot left to go! The success of a missionary is primarily measured by their commitment to find, teach and baptize. However, we are successful missionaries when we feel the spirit testify through us, when we love the people
and desire their salvation, when we obey with exactness, develop Christ-like attributes, warn people of the consequences of sin, work effectively every day, help build up the church unit we are assigned to, live in a way to be in a position to be influenced by the spirit, and when we go about serving people at every opportunity- whether or not they receive our message. I feel that I have been a successful missionary thus far, and still have much more work to do, but I am becoming better every week.

Something I thought about during Sheena's baptism was this: How can you know how to live the way God wants you to if you don't study the scriptures? You can't.

A new policy rolled out at MLC was that going forward, we cannot teach the next lesson (we have the restoration, plan of salvation, Gospel of Jesus Christ, Commandments, laws and ordinances) If the investigator has not done their reading commitment. Instead we must read from the Book of Mormon with them. We should be reading the Book of Mormon in every lesson as well. This will put a bigger emphasis on the Book of Mormon as a tool for conversion, I think. If people will really get into the Book of Mormon, one... it will lead to conversion and two... they will feel greater peace in their life. Last night Jaime told us that she has been reading every day without fail. She said she feels super bad and has a terrible day when she does not read now. I think that is super awesome. She is still going strong for Dec. 17!

So glad that I am on a mission. I keep learning so much every week- forgot my journal that mentions more stuff I learned this week though...

love y'all

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  1. Love how you share your testimony about the things you have learned. Builds my testimony as well. Well done!


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