Monday, October 10, 2016

Hurricane Refugees!

Hey y'all! What a crazy week! It started off great and then, well... got crazy. 

Monday night we had a really great lesson with Sheena. She has been investigating the church for a year. We talked about repentance and prayer a whole bunch. When we felt that it was right, we asked her if she would be baptized on November 5th. She put her head down and stayed silent for about a minute. We were very silent and intent on her. She raised her head and said "yes". I was so happy! She is one of the most solid investigators I have worked with! She said the prayer to close the lesson and said "thank you for convincing the missionaries to go on missions so they could teach people like me." This had such an impact on me. We really do make a difference in the lives of many. I love being a missionary. 

Now for what y'all want to hear- on Tuesday we had exchanges and I was in North Charleston, while Elder Dillree was in Mount Pleasant. At about 3:00ish I got a call from the AP (Hartman) asking me what I knew about this hurricane. The sister training leaders had called him about Governor Haley declaring a state of emergency. I did not know much, aside from that mom & dad emailed & said it would be here late Friday night. Right after I hung up, Sister Henderson from the office calls me up to ask how it looked up there. Of course it looked good because the 'cane was not here yet. She advised us to get ready in case we needed to evacuate. 

We headed to the store to buy water, and the lines were long and most of the water & food was gone. We did get some though. We then went to get gas in case we were to evacuate and that took a looong time. Everyone was lined up to get gas. Throughout this, I was keeping the zone informed on what the APs had told us. We soon got word that Governor Haley had ordered an evacuation to the inland. We told everybody and we had the whole zone get to the West Columbia stake center by 9:30 pm. From about 4:00 until 8:30 I was constantly on the phone making sure everyone knew and was out of here.  A little stressful- but that's alright!

President was in Charleston with his family I think, so the AP's did most of the facilitating of this. We left at 8:30pm and got hammered with traffic. It is a 1 hr 40 minute drive to the stake center, but took us 4 hours. We showed up at the AP's apartment instead at 12:30am. They had placed our missionaries with other companionships in the West Columbia zone and stayed like that until this morning at 6:30 when all Charleston companionships went back home. It was like a 6-day long P-day. We tried to do a lot of service, but frequently ran out of options.  Charleston downtown is flooded, and Georgetown is wrecked & pretty ugly, but from what we have heard North Chuck is ok! We are staying today because tomorrow we have Mission Leadership Council tomorrow all day. So that is that! I will send a video about what we did this week so I don't have to spend more time typing!
Love y'all

video of them getting out of town

video this morning

Elder McLaughlin- envió desde mi iPad

Columbia, SC temple after helping to do clean up service inside

So stoked BYU won! Elder Overson & I are also PATS fans and everyone
else loves to hate on us hahaha.

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