Monday, October 24, 2016

Helping Hands

Alrighty, so this week felt really long.
Elder Morris on exchanges
We had so much we had to get done! The zone is really changed up from this transfer this past Tuesday. Five white washes (both companions new to the area) and then 6 more missionaries. We have 6 missionaries who are being trained right now too in the zone! 

?, Brayden, Leuluai, Morris, Dillree Exchanges
 We exchanged with the Summerville 2nd Elders and on exchanges, while biking I spotted something moving, and then went closer and it was this baby gator! First gator I have seen on my mission! Only took 13 months haha! It was sick! 
Can you spot the baby Gator? He's 6 feet long- spotted him in a
short cut we took while on biking exchange in Summerville
The stake is really doing an awesome job with the cleanup efforts after the hurricane. On Saturday we were organized into groups to go out and take apart some down trees. There is a website where people sign up to have help, and then some group can claim the project and then show up at their door with people, tools and whatever else to get it done.
Service from Saturday
There were 160 projects to do on Saturday and we finished 6! We met up with the Elders Quorum, got our Mormon helping hands t-shirts and went out to work! We worked from the morning until 5:00. It was super fun! The people we helped out were super happy, and they were all taking pictures. People even came out of surrounding houses to see what was up! A lady requested a Book of Mormon too! On Sunday the Stake President
Hurricane damage- many houses have debree sitting out front from cleanup efforts
gave anyone who was going to leave and do service permission to wear work clothes to church then to leave after sacrament to go and serve! Bishop conducted sacrament meeting in jeans, a t-shirt and a yellow Mormon helping hands vest! It was an interesting thing, but it was so cool seeing so many people willing to go out and serve! We will be doing that this next Saturday the 29th as well. 

Brother Slagle is a less-active who we have been working with, and he is doing so much better! He is working towards receiving the priesthood and going to the temple! We are still working with him on some word of wisdom issues, but he will be going to the temple in the next few transfers! Cannot wait! Also, Yola, who was a less-active I worked with for 5 months when I was doing Spanish work in North Chuck has finally been interviewed by bishop and is taking temple preparation classes! I will get to go to the temple with her soon as well I hope! Sheena is doing super well, and is still set for November 5th to be baptized! We just have to re-teach some points and then get her a baptismal interview. Time is ticking away. I don't want the mission to come to an end too quick!

I read a talk this week called "let your faith show." It had some really good points about standing for what you believe in, cause that can be hard. He said in it that courage, not compromise, brings God's smile of approval! Be courageous y'all! That is something as a leader I have had to learn- not tolerating disobedience. The level of our obedience to God's commandments shows the amount of our faith.

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  1. Great experiences! I especially love the story of the bishop in jeans and helping hands vest! AND I love the last photo!


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