Monday, October 17, 2016

After the Storm

Well, there is not much damage done in my area or areas close to mine. Georgetown, Florence and Myrtle Beach did get hit pretty hard though. We will be coordinating with the stake in efforts to clean up some of those parts. When we got home Tuesday night after Mission Leader Conference (MLC), all the damage we saw were some downed trees and branches. Nothing really significant. 

MLC on Tuesday was awesome! Well, Tuesday morning we
Douglas & Heimuli, Me & Fife. Fathers & Sons:)
had MLC ball with the Elders---- we have some really good ballers here. I saw Elder Fife and Douglas again. I am pretty good friends with all the Elders in MLC. We learned a lot and the second session, Elder McCarther of the 70 came and just went off on many different topics...without preparation. I gained so many insights to the scriptures! MLC is a pretty good group! 

Time lapse of balling at the Mission Leaders Conference

Afterwards we went to the mission office to get packages, and we took a mission office pic that mom saw on Facebook. It was the Mechams who were in the picture, and they will be leaving this week!! On Wednesday, our Sister
MLC & the Mechams
Training Leaders and us planned out Zone 
Training Meeting for Friday. President showed up to our ZTM, and it was a good one! The trainings all tied in very well, and the spirit was super strong. A lot of people said I was really enthusiastic, and I am glad they saw that. As we are enthusiastic about the work, our missionaries in the zone will catch on too! (Not that they haven't yet). 

Wednesday Elder Seamons and I taught Book of Mormon class together. We did not know we were teaching, and we were to go over Alma 19. Oh man was the spirit so strong. As we read and then stopped, the spirit 
Dillree, Seamons, me
literally put words into our mouths which surprised me. I gained many new insights from the chapter. One huge one was about prayer. So many prayers were answered and they were realized too. Ammon talked about the joy he felt in verse 14 that the Lord basically had answered his prayer he offered on behalf of others. As I read this, the thought that popped into my head was how much more joy can I feel if I would recognize answers to my prayers. Often I have just kinda "put in an order an hung up". My prayers have been more meaningful, but I can still do better. Keeping a journal has helped me see answers to my prayers- wohoo! 

No news on Sheena...we did not see her this week because she was super duper busy. We did see the Muckenfuss, and oh how I love them so much!! They are praying and reading everyday (well the mom is) and she is progressing in the gospel. She is still on date for Dec 17... that seems like a long ways away. 

This is Elder Dillree's last transfer in the mission! I will take over the area afterwards. We will make his last transfer the best one! Our zone is being shaken up a ton! We have 5 white washes (both companions being transferred out). Also one of the Spanish areas is being dissolved like my area in training was. Its crazy!

Elder Seamons is going home Wednesday, and that is sad! We have become good friends. Its so weird seeing people leave. A few more days past 11 months and I am back! I don't want it to come though! It will come pretty fast.

Me at the office.
At the office saying goodbye to the Mechams!
Lambert, Overson, Holt, Me, Hartman, Dillree
Charleston Zone
STL's. Mattinson & Vorkink
had to do an awkward pic
shrimp & grits
Dillree, Seamons, & me

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