Monday, September 26, 2016

Will Eat Tacos for Service

after our service
We had a ton of service this week! We went to a food bank to do service cleaning up the warehouse, and sorting cans- we have been going there a lot! It had been so much fun! We also raked up a bunch of pine straw at an older guys house who lives across the
street from the church! He is 93 years old, and he is a WW II Vet! He was in the Pacific and in North Africa! It was cool! I may have met a WW II vet, but not that I remember <insert by mom.... um his great grandpas were all vets & he knew 2 of them>. The Spanish Elders have a less-active with an acre of land. 
They have fences along the border and we cleared out vines, and brush, and some small trees from these fences. Apparently they were having a problem with snakes camping out near the fence, and they wanted to stop that from happening! We did not finish, but they cooked up some good mess!

We had a taco eating contest- chorizo, tinga, asada, and carnitas. Sooo dang good! I only had 9 tacos, and the record set by previous missionaries was 21. Elder Skirvin had 26 tacos and crushed that record! Also we took down a members fence! It was fun. I love service!
MEAT on Meat on MeAt on meat
Other than that, we visited many less-actives this week. We have been going super hard at trying to bring less-actives back. We visited a guy yesterday that went less-active right after his mission (11 years ago) and it went really well. He wants to get back into things again, and he is willing to do whatever it takes! Also, I gave a talk yesterday in church! I talked about how when we are converted we desire to share the gospel. I based my talk from Alma 36:12-24. It went well. I am so grateful for the gospel and the many blessings it has brought to my short life. The atonement is so real and we are helpless without.
Preaching in a 1700's church in Georgetown Harbor, SC
Cyprus wood seating divided in sections by family
Outside of the 1700's church
Georgetown Harbor- Some historians claim that American history began here in 1526 with the earliest
settlement in North America by Europeans with African slaves

In Georgetown Harbor- same street as the ward building

Charleston from the freeway 
bowling last week for p-day

Elder McLaughlin- envió desde mi iPad

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