Monday, September 5, 2016

We should have back up singers in church

August 29, 2016

This week felt really long, and well, transfers are next week though!
Fast transfer! On Tuesday I got to do my first baptismal interview for the sisters investigator Nicho! It was kind of cool being on the other side of the interview. It has always been a little intimidating being interviewed by church leaders... Interviewing is fun though! Nicho passed and was baptized on Saturday! I got to be in his circle on Sunday at church to confirm him a member of the church! 

Funny thing, during the baptism service, one of the Hispanic members was doing a musical number. She put her iPhone next to a microphone, and started playing some Spanish Christian song. It was super funny! Our ward mission leader (he is like in his 60's) he was sitting on the stand, with his eyes shut, singing along. Apparently it is like a popular Hispanic Christian song! The lady was basically back- up singing to the recording and it was totally not appropriate for the chapel. She was moving around like she was a back up singer too! All of the missionaries were trying not to die laughing! Good memories!
This week I had a tough time with my companion. He did not take correction very well, and got mad at me. He did not tell me he was angry, he just got quiet and I felt the tension. I brought it up, and we figured it all out. Bottom line is that he says he has never been able to be open with people. We talked it out a little more, and we came to the conclusion that having confidence in oneself can positively effect many aspects of life. I went upstairs that night and wrote in my journal. I too had little self-confidence in my life. I reflected on how I have gained confidence in myself. My parents put me into many different activities. I was in drama, and I gave talks in church. I had to get outside my comfort zone to sing dance and act in front of many people. I was put into football, I tried out
(unsuccessfully) for water polo, I did swim, I got into playing a new
instrument. I was super involved with student government, planning
homecomings, and rallies. I was given a lot of freedom, and my parents had a lot of trust in me. I went to college and was forced to break out of my shell a little bit. All of these things, and many more, were necessary experiences and stepping stones to gaining my own confidence. As I have been out here on my mission, though I have realized that the true source of confidence comes from the companionship of the holy ghost. As we humble ourselves more everyday, it is way easier to feel the spirit, and feel God's love for us. For me, feeling His love has helped me become confident.
This week we had a really powerful lesson with Asalia. She has been reading the scripture passages we give her, and she has been reading the lessons from the gospel principles manual! We taught the plan of salvation and she really understood it. It rang true to her, and she knew it had to be true. She has a huge question right now. She wants to know how she can feel like she has been forgiven for her sins. She does not feel like an evil person, but she wants to know how she can feel like she is living a good life. We invited her to read 2 Nephi 31 and 32. We have another lesson with them on Wednesday!
We got a senior couple added to the district who speaks Spanish! They are from Payson, Utah. They are super nice and we will be working with them! This week we did not have many at church, due to sicknesses and some cars breaking down! It's alright though! Next week will be good! We have Maximo on date! He has been coming to church every week for a looooong time. He can't be baptized because he is not married. He asks lots of questions in church and is super ready!!! We are praying that he can get married sooon!!!

Well, that is what I got!!!

My family sent me a HUGE birthday card, party supplies & a Pats jersey

Mom sent me my favorite... all the ingredients to make cheesecake (no-bake kind)

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