Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Back to My Holy City- Charleston Round 2!

Well y'all, I am back in Chuck Town, The Holy City, my home away from home! CHARLESTON (well, technically North Charleston). I live in an apartment downstairs from my old one too! The area is the same area I was in before, but I'm now teaching the English-speaking population. 

Elder Dillree & me
My companion is Elder Dillree! He was my zone leader for a transfer, before I left to West Columbia to be a district leader. He is from Corinne, Utah. He is a huge outdoors guy (hunting fishing farming etc.) He is pretty cool! He goes home in November, which means I may be taking over the area pretty soon here! We get along pretty well, and we have taught pretty well together thus far! A little more about the zone, first off we have 42 missionaries including a senior couple, which is the biggest in the mission! Right now 8 missionaries are being trained. We also have 4 districts! The zone has always been a pretty good zone. When Elder Daynes and Astorga were ZL's the zone was doing super well! I hope Elder Dillree and I can lead the zone back to where it has been previously! 

I feel like I am being trained again. There are a lot of things the zone leaders do on a daily basis. I'll pick it up fast though. So in the mission we have 6 stakes, and each one of the stakes is a zone. There's Charleston, Columbia, West Columbia, Florence, Greenville, and Greenville East! There are 12 zone leaders, and 4 of those zone leaders were former Spanish Elders (Me, Elder Douglas, Elder Volmar, and Elder Degraffenreid-- I have served in the same district here in North Charleston with them) and 2 are currently Spanish Elders (Fife and Hemiuli-Fife being my trainer, and Hemiuli being Elder Douglas's trainer! Crazy huh?)

It is weird being here though. I looked up to Elder Aldous, Astorga and Daynes, and now I replace them! It will be kind of weird that I will be a role model for some missionaries, like the ones mentioned above were to me! I feel a lot of pressure. I have to remember though to just be myself. The only thing changing is where I'm serving, and my amount of responsibility.

This North Charleston ward is so great! We had ward council on Sunday, and they really know what is up! Super effective, and the members are dang cool! Instead of Elders Quorum on Sunday we went to Primary! We sang during singing time, and it brought back a lot of memories! We only went since the relief society did some get together thing, and they needed the whole Elders Quorum to sub for the Primary.

Last week Elder Dillree and Astorga baptized three!! They are really cool, and I will be seeing them this week to teach the new member lessons! There is another family who the zone leaders have been teaching since November (when I got to the field). Their kids got baptized, and its now been 10 months since missionaries first met them. They have some word of wisdom issues and that is the only thing holding them back! They read, pray and go to church, and are pretty active too. We hope we get to baptize them this transfer! I met them when I got to the area and we clicked pretty easily! Super great fam. More on them in coming weeks!

On Saturday we had a stake-wide church tour. It has been in the plans for 2 months. All the church buildings were hosting open houses! Not much success was found overall, but we did have 12 people show up to tour the church at our building! It was pretty cool! Those who came loved it!

Anyway, not too eventful this week, and not many experiences, but next week for sure there will be some good stuff!

Elder Finch, & Seamons

Elder McLaughlin- envió desde mi iPad

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