Monday, August 22, 2016

White Collar Escapades

Thank you everybody for the birthday wishes! I had a great birthday!! During the hours of 12pm-5pm there is really not much missionary work going on. People are working, and now kids are in school. We never have much success until the night. However, Saturday (my birthday) was different! On Friday night, I prayed that we would have service opportunities come our way, so we could do something during this time. We sure did get many, and they just keep coming! During companion study on Saturday, we got a call from a Hispanic guy who needed a cross tool thing to change his tire. We couldn't head over to him because he was way out of our area, but we sent the other elders to him!! Pretty cool! Then later on we get a text from a guy who comes to soccer night, asking if we could help him rent a house. He has been looking at two houses, and needed us to translate for him since he speaks no English. So that was cool! Saturday we had a solid day planned, and tried to see many people. The first people we tried to see were not home, but we saw a guy and his wife unloading groups of pine straw from their truck, so we went over and helped them out! They were very grateful for us, and of course we left them a Book of Mormon! Saturday we also set two service opportunities up with people we visited, so that was cool! We met a former named bobby and he has been investigating the church off an on for the past 30 YEARS!!! He is 38 years old!!! It is super crazy! He was super funny and basically just messed with us. He told us to ask him any question, because he heard it all. I began to ask him a question, and he finished the question before I could! It was funny. Anyway, we are having dinner at his house tomorrow night. please pray that his heart will be softened to the gospel! Sunday we got more service opportunities.....bottom line, God will answer your prayers, if it is expedient for you!! Love that principle!
Now, as district leader, I have responsibility to train those in my
district during district meetings and to assign different missionaries to train as well. I felt inspired to give a training on sacrament attendance. The zone leaders were there and said they thought it was good! (Phew!) Our sacrament attendance went up a little more than 3X from last week!! I was super excited! This week we had a sick week!!! It was super just, wow, like we were blessed! We found 10 new investigators and we had 7 of them at church
as well! We do not have anybody on date for baptism right now, but it is getting there. We have turned the area around in terms of numbers these last few weeks! We have been improving every single week. Things just fell into place this week, so don't think it was us, because it was the Lord. We met some really solid people this week, and not the usually Luke warm investigators. Yesterday we had a sick experience! We were sitting in the car waiting for a member to arrive to a lesson with us. The lady was not home, but her brother came out of the trailer and waved to us then sat in a hammock. We waited a few more minutes, and I felt that I was supposed to talk to him, but I did not get out of the car to do so. A few minutes later, He got up and approached the car. He said that he felt like he wanted to talk to us for some reason. As we got out and started talking to him, our member showed up! Talk about perfect timing! It wasn't por casualidad that he talked with us either. He had just gotten out of jail and wanted to change, since he has been in jail before. We will see where it goes, but he seems pretty solid!
We also served in an art gallery this week in Columbia! We helped remove dirt from an exhibit and it was pretty fun i guess? It was an art gallery you would see in something like the show White Collar. It was a huge spacious building. Pretty sick! Well, I am once again out of time. Don't worry, I have been writing in my journal different experiences I am having!! Till next week!!

(Brayden couldn't load all his bday pictures from his camera, so we have these few-- I have no clue the significance:)

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