Monday, August 8, 2016

The chicken or the egg?

Hey! So this week was the fastest week of my mission... Like I do not know what happened! We found seven new investigators, thank goodness! Now we have a little bit of a teaching pool! We had a lot of moments this week where we did not know what to do, since so many people cancelled on us/ did not answer their doors. Specifically, on Saturday we were in our car, and decided to pray for direction. Immediately after the prayer, we looked up and this guy was approaching the car. I was like, sick! We got out and we talked to him. He asked us who we were, and if we were lost. We explained who we were, and he got super excited. Another detail to this story was that he wreaked of alcohol. He was stumbling on all of his words, so it was a little crazy haha. He repeated his same questions to us. It was funny. He asked us who we are, where we are from, how old we are and if we are virgins.

After asking these questions like 3 times, He kept saying "God is good". We simply agreed with him, and every time he said that, he gave us one of those bro handshakes. He switched up his questions and then asked, "What came first? the Chicken or the egg?" I never knew the answer to this question since middle school when I first heard it. Elder Casey said the chicken, and this guy (named Ulysses, the president) laughed super loud and said "Amen!" "God is good". This was like 15 minutes long, and we tried getting a referral out of it. We decided to leave after we said goodbye. Still have no idea why he was the answer to our prayer, but we will see I guess!

Being a district leader doesn't feel any different, but I am constantly thinking of things to do for district development meeting. We live with 2 other elders, and one is another district leader in the zone.
South Carolina flag- golf-style on water tank
Last night after getting key indicators, he showed me how I could use the numbers to figure out what the district needs help in. He showed me generally what key indicators should influence other ones, and it was pretty cool! Still learning, so its going to be like trial and error! I am constantly thinking about the district, and what things would help my companion in becoming a better teacher! That is probably why my week flew by, because my mind was so preoccupied with trying to figure out the needs of other people. That is a good lesson to learn right here! Our minds should be preoccupied with our desire, and my desire is to strengthen the district. I obviously have been called by the Lord and have His and President Turner's trust to help out these missionaries. There is something I can bring to the table that will specifically help each of them.

Our street name in San Elijo Hills. Feeling nostalgic:)
The Spanish branch is super cool! I have put more effort in being super outgoing to these members, and it seems like it has helped out! There is a sister named Hermana Enriqueta, and I approached her and her non-member husband and asked them if we could come over and teach them! She was super excited and wanted us to share some insights from the Book of Mormon. In gospel principles, She commented on the lesson, and shared a personal story, and she kept looking over to me as she was sharing it, which made me feel like she was opening up to me! I feel like this sounds selfish, sorry! Anyway, when you reach out, people feel more comfortable with you, and more confident as well! Especially among the Hispanics.
Feeling nostalgic about his pop warner all-american days

Well, one last thing, This applies to every aspect in life. We went up to a house, and before we even could get to the porch, the three people on the porch shouted, "We don't want you here, leave!" I get it, people get to choose whatever they want to do in life, but do not just shut something down before hearing it out. That is something I have had to work on in my mission. I have always thought that my way was the high way, and that I was always right. Being with Elder Douglas, he humbled me and would call me out for thinking that. This last week I did that a few times with Elder Casey, and goes to show that I still need to get better at taking other peoples opinion, and putting my opinion out there, without being overbearing. Also, another funny thing: We always pray before
I think he is getting excited for football season in SEC territory
entering someone's house, and we pulled up to the house where we wanted to go, and saw a bunch of people outside. When we finished praying, we looked up and they had gone inside! We walked up to the porch, and they had moved the couches that were on the porch, in front of the entrance so we couldn't get in! We will be dropping them haha.

Well, my Spanish is feeling good, and I love getting compliments on my Spanish throughout the week! Keep praying for me!

Love, Elder McLaugh a-lot

FYI- I am like the funniest elder out here... just kidding

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