Monday, August 15, 2016

Fixin' to Serve


Trying to be artsy
To start off, I want to start with a sick experience that I had last Monday night! We went to go visit Maximo, who has been investigating the church for ages (eternigator). His two sons, Sebastian and Michael are already baptized, and Maximo loves the church and knows it is true. He will not be baptized though, because he is not married. His girlfriend will not marry him because she hates the church, and knows that if they get married, that he will join it. Maximo is in a tight spot, which is understandable. This is where he needs to take a step of faith though. He needs to ask himself if he really trusts in God's perfect plan for him! Elder Casey informed me that Maximos wife had never been in the living room with them to hear from the missionaries, and we do not know her name. As we walked up to the house, we met this lady named Judit! I got super excited because as we talked, I connected all the dots that she was Maximo's wife (or so I thought)! WE read from Mosiah 18:1-12 in the Book of Mormon and we talked about baptism. The spirit was super strong, and not only did Maximo understand what we were trying to tell him, but Judit was very intent! She shared with us that her mom was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints many years ago in Guatemala! She has had contact with missionaries and was taught everything as well! I was getting super excited as she kept on sharing her background. She finally paused and told us she had an experience last night that was super strange. I leaned in to listen very intently. She said that it was Monday morning, like 2:45am. Nobody was awake and she kept hearing a sound. She said she listened carefully and heard these words very clearly: "Cristo viene. Preparense!" (Christ comes, prepare yourselves). I felt the spirit when she said that. It is no coincidence to me that we came the same day she had that experience! We testified of something (I forget what) and then I said something like "I know that God wants you and your husband to be baptized. Will you prepare together to follow the example of Jesus Christ..." She immediately stared to laugh which killed the spirit. I was super confused. She explained that Maximo was her father in-law, not her husband. Thankfully she did not take offense to me basically calling her old, but still, that was super embarrassing! She said no, because she is attending the Pentecostal church right now, but after that it just went down hill hahah. We have a return lesson with them again tonight, but we still have not met Maximo's wife. The whole lesson I was thinking like wow, what a miracle that she is really intent and that she is listening to us right now! 
West Columbia Zone

Tuesday I went on my first exchange as a District Leader! That was cool! I guess school is getting back into session, and we helped out with back to school stuff. On exchanges we helped one of the less-active Spanish members get her kids registered st the elementary and middle school. She does not speak English, so we translated and walked them through. The office staff were staring at us the whole time, but they were grateful that we were helping this family out! I still have yet to miss back to school craziness!

On Saturday we did service for a sister in the branch. Apparently the branch had been working on fixing her trailer for a few months now , and we worked on it again! 
Lunch break while working on the trailer
We had to get the plumbing done, fix up windows, put in cabinets and sinks and fix up the yard a little bit as well. It was pretty fun being right there seeing how the Hispanics do their construction work! Got a good neck sun burn too #futureTan I already decided I will come home as a handy man. I can't wait to work on that kinda stuff when my house or apartment breaks down! I also want to learn how to work with mechanics, cause I will need those life skills!
Gamecocks Stadium from afar!

Yesterday we got invited to have lunch with the Chavez family. Brother Chavez is the first counselor in the branch presidency. Sister Chavez invited us and said that they invited our investigators over (since we cant eat with active members, investigators must be there). We showed up, and then other families in the branch showed up as well! It was such a sick fellowship event so to say! These two investigators are Miguel and Asalia. They are super cool! They have been to church twice now, and we have only taught them the restoration. They were a referral from the Garcia family. They actually live outside the zone (In Fife's area) so we have to get permission every time from the APs to go teach them. They are a little timid, but they have such good questions in gospel principles! future baptism!

In our district our number for member present lessons as a whole has been low my first two weeks here. on Tuesday I had one of the hermanas give a training in District meeting about member presents and why we have them. This week our district increased by 10 in that category! I was super happy! This week I am going to train on revelation through church attendance, in hopes to help the district get more investigators to church!
P-Day Ceramic painting

Well, it is still dang hot and humid down here,
so so so so fun! Oh, and I'm 19 this Saturday! I will be doing 2 interviews for baptism as well! The sisters will be baptizing on my birthday! Happy birthday to me! wohooo!

This morning we went to a less-actives house with the English elders and did some ceramics stuff! My cougar is going to look so sick!!
Ceramics shop at our less-active's house
NASTY spider

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