Monday, August 1, 2016

Brayden's favorite word's are.....

{It's either feast or famine with the number of photos Bray sends, and today is FEAST. This momma is happy}

Hey fam and friends! I am officially blessed! I live 14 minutes from
Williams-Brice stadium, home of the South Carolina Gamecocks! I am basically right in the middle of all the action and I am ready for
football season in the SEC to get under way! So excited to see all the fans and hear and see all the craziness! Too bad I am representing Clemson! In a few weeks we will head down to the stadium to take pics! Cannot wait! I am just so stoked! My first SEC stadium!! Wohooo!

Okay onto other news, I am now here in West Columbia as a district leader! My companion is Elder Casey. We were companions in the Mexico MTC, and I guess the Lord is giving us another chance to be friends. We did not mesh too well down in Central America, so hopefully being in the states changes things! Hahaha JK, We have both changed these last 10 months (oh by the way happy 10 months to me!) and so far it has been going well! This area is super hard. They had 3 baptisms last week, but we have nobody in the teaching pool. We have been working super hard to find more people to teach, and it has been rough. Our area is super large, and there just are not enough hispanics living in the same area. The other two Spanish companionships (one sister and one Elder companionships) have smaller and more hispanic-populated areas. 

So our district is only 6 missionaries including me and Casey. The
branch is the only Spanish branch left in the mission! It is super strong, and the branch president is super sick! Having church in all Spanish is way better than the translation stuff we did up in Charleston. I am not going to lie, I miss Charleston so much, and Charleston is definitely home for me! This area will eventually get there! Elder Douglas and I started out with basically nothing as well back in February, so expect some big success in a few months! Believe it or not, we found a sick family! They actually live in Elder Fife's zone, but we will figure out on who will be teaching them. They came to church with the Garcia family (SICKEST FAMILY ALIVE!) We taught them last night, and they seem pretty interested! 

We ran out of miles fast this month so that was kind of tough on us with finding. We couldn't ride bikes because Elder Casey's (Brayden left out what... so I'm guessing arm or leg) is broken, and our area is not very bikable. It has been fun doing district leader stuff so far! Call-ins with the other companionships, and the zone leaders! I hope to be a good influence on this district! I have many ideas and I have figure out the needs of my district! The zone leaders are Elder Jacobsen and Overson. Elder Jacobsen has family in California- I think Carlsbad? He was in my Charleston zone a few months back. Elder Overson is from St. Johns, Arizona! I was instagram friends with both of them before the mish! Small world haha! Any way, I am excited to bring some more enthusiasm into the district and the zone!

I saw Elder Fife for the first time in forever! hahah! That made my weekLove that guy! He only has 6 months left! Pray for me and my companion, and we will be working super hard! Well, that is all for now! Oh and we were walking yesterday to a house down a pretty well covered (with trees) dirt road, and some guy comes out of his house and asked if we do "that religion [crap]"--other word for crap...and I was all happy and said "yessir! That is us!" He said he was atheist and said he would always be, and that if we tried to talk to him about god, he would shoot us! He did this as he was holding a beer can too. I replied, "Well, thank you sir. Have a nice day!" We continued to walk down the street. Hahah

New original MTC comp. {My muscles are tiny}

Elder Volmar & me

Elder Blackham & me

Our investigator, Santiago

Elder Finch, Vania, Sabrina (investigator on date for August 13)

Sister Tapia (has been a huge help for us!)

Elder Astorga -one of my faves- goes home Sept 7th

Elder Finch

Elder Finch

Rocio (Elder Douglas baptized her, and she is super solid!)

Maria Perez (less-active we have been working with)

Maribel- less-active we have been working with

Final Goodbyes- Bairon (super solid investigator)

North Charleston/Goose Creek area missionaries

Me & Fife at transfers! Haven't seen him in 6 months!

Lovin' the deer

Legit wooden hoop on tree

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