Monday, July 4, 2016

The Time I Got 'Prayer Helped"

Holy cow. Tengo nueve meses en la misión! Dónde está el tiempo? Time is flying faster than ever before. June was the fastest month of my life. One year ago I was at BYU for summer term. That seemed just like yesterday. I do not know where the time is going. I have come to realize over the last few months that you really do need to forget yourself and get to work, because to be honest, two years is so short. 

We are super disconnected from the news, and main-stream America, and so we are in a complete different world. That is why it goes fast I think, and I have heard when missionaries go home they seem awkward or weird and its because they are transitioning from the missionary world and have changed into something different. I guess we will see come next September!

This week we called Veronica to set up an appointment to go teach
her, and we asked if we could help her with anything. She paused, and then said pray for my baby. We were like, Huh? Pray for your baby? She said, "estoy embarazada." That came as a surprise to us. She said she has been pregnant for 5 and a half months, but does not have a belly or anything! We will still be teaching her though, and she still has a desire to be baptized! 

We had 5 less-actives at church yesterday! That was super awesome! It makes me so happy when these less-active member we work with come to church to receive personal revelation and feel the spirit! No matter your religion, church attendance is so important! One of the 10-commandments is to keep the sabbath day holy. One way to break that commandment is to not go to church! So go to church and worship God :)

Friday night we had a ceremony for Gloria's baby. They cremated
her baby "Justin" and put the ashes in a little wooden box. The Relief Society put it all together, and there were some speakers, we sang "I am a child of God" and "families can be together forever". The spirit was super strong and Gloria loved it. The ward is really rallying behind her. Gloria is not progressing, and so we have decided to start over with the lessons. We do not think she is understanding what we teach, and she has a short a attention span. We are going to be teaching her very simple. We will see how it goes! 

Last night with an investigator named Moy, I got prayer helped, and then he took over my prayer. I'll explain. So in the south, there are many people when you offer a prayer, like to give prayer help. It may be part of their religion or something, so I am not judging, but it is pretty funny. Last night with Moy, as I was praying, he started praying out-loud, and got louder and louder and then I just ended the prayer I was giving and he just kept on praying for like another minute! It was kinda funny!

We met an american guy named Raul on Saturday night. He speaks
fluent Spanish and we did not expect that. That is why I emphasized American guy. So to give some background, he is a scary dude. He has a harsh-isa countenance. As we were talking to him he mentioned that he sells drugs, and that he does all sorts of drugs. We talked about the atonement. He told us that he wants to change and stop doing all of this "jank" that he is doing. He has already stopped drinking because one night he was drunk, he almost shot his girlfriend. This guy rides a bike everywhere and I have seen him around the last few months. He has apparently seen us around too, and said to us that he has been avoiding us. We talked about change and he said he knows that he wants to but knows that after talking to us he would just go back to being the same. I testified of Jesus Christ and His atonement, and I felt the Spirit testify through me. What was cool is that he immediately recognized that we were different and he said that I looked like I could help him out. We talked a little more, and he committed to church! Sad thing is, he did not show up! We passed him off the the English elders so we will see how it all plays out!

Well, it is Independence Day, and I am so grateful to be an
American missionary serving state-side. I love this country and I love the religious freedom. Without our founding fathers, the restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ would not have been possible. I know the founding fathers were inspired by God and that we received our freedom with the help of those on the other side of the veil. I listened to a talk yesterday in the car titled: "Why 1820?" By Hyrum W. Smith. Listen to it! It is good! I know Joseph smith was a living prophet, and that he saw God the Father and Jesus Christ!

Love y'all!

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