Monday, July 11, 2016

Starting to Click

I have like nooo time!!!!! It's cause I wrote president a sick letter that took like 30 mins. 

The longer I am out here, the more I appreciate parents. Like seriously, you guys did a prety dang good job. There are so many broken families, and so many people do not know how to raise kids. I realize more and more that you are like super mom- cooking, sewing, creative, smart, adventerous etc.... lol on my desk there is a picture of the family that is framed, and one missionary from my district said that "your mom is hot"---I was grossed out and put the picture away the rest of the day lol! Seems like once I'm gone you all start doing fun stuff! hahahah whatever...I'm having more fun than all of you combined!

So this week was such a great week! I feel like I have grown so much. Every day, I feel more of a deepening responsibility for the salvation of souls! It is so great. My testimony has grown much this week. I have testified of the prophet Thomas S. Monson so much and that was so cool! I feel like everything is finally starting to click. I feel more joy and it is just so great! So real quick, since I have like no time---well MOM I WILL SEND YOU MY JOURNAL ENTRY INSTEAD>>>>>>>

Sunday 7/10/16
I am feeling my testimony grow of the atonement everyday. I feel more of an urgency for the salvation of souls. I want people to be baptized, and to come unto Christ. I feel on increase this week. I feel like I have started to gain true spiritual power. It's like everything I have been learning, studying, and examining is all starting to click. I feel like I'm becoming more and more converted. I cannot wait for my family to see my personal conversion. I have been praying lots to recognize the promptings of the spirit, for months. It is so cool how much the spirit really does influence this work. Tonight we had a lesson with Vania Cortez a less-active and daughter of Yola Russo, and her relative by marriage to Sabrina. Present was Sabrina's tia, named Maria Arizinendi. 

To give a little background, on Wednesday, we had set a lesson with Vania, and we were going to teach her at the mom's house. We got there first, and then Vania shows up with Sabrina! We taught both of them the plan of salvation. It was pretty cool! The week before this, we had taught Vania the restoration, and she expressed desire to go to the temple for the first time! More about her in a second. 

Sabrina, Vania, and Sister Russo (from Bolivia) all came to church! That was super great! Side note---all 4 companionships had investigators at church today! That is the first time ever! We had a total of 7 investigators! #promisedland. Tonight, we taught Sabrina again, and this time, Sabrina brought her aunt along, who is also the mother-in-law of Vania and the mom of Jose (who we visited in jail once). 

We taught the restoration, and at the end, I asked Sabrina if she believes that God answers prayers. She said he has answered half of her prayers. We went onto the topic of prayers. Tania then asked if God could answer prayers through dreams. We said that he can answer prayers in many different ways. I had some more insight, or received insight through the spirit about a second meaning of Moroni's promise in Moroni 10:4. I have always explained this scripture to investigators that they must mediator en sus corazones este mensaje, y pida a dios por una respuesta. <Meditate this message in their hearts, & ask God for an answer>. I see it in a different way now, in terms of confirming revelation. "And when ye shall receive [revelation], I exhort you to 'pray to know if these things are not true.' It is so important to confirm revelation we receive! 

Anyway, after the lesson, Yola gave us chocolate and then Vania started to cry. She said that she felt darkness and was ready to completely leave God. She gave one last prayer that He would show her a sign. She said that the very next day, Elder Douglas and I showed up. We shared a video- and she said she felt like God was talking to her. Hearing this tonight made me so joyful. Elder Douglas and I listened to a lot of Jack R. Christensen talks. He has been the answer to so many people's prayers. 

I remember a while back, I expressed to Dad that I wanted to be an answer to prayer. Without knowing it, I was! I feel so grateful for that. The Lord has trusted me with His children. I stand as a missionary, in place of Jesus Christ, for his brothers and sisters. To me, if I feel more of a deepening responsibility to be my best, to become consecrated, and to do everything in my power to keep the spirit with me so that I can truly be the answer to somebody's prayers. I know that the Lord has put huge trust in me to take care of his children in this part of his vineyard. This week I have testified so much of the Savior, his atonement, and our Heavenly Father's love for us. I have also never testified so much of our prophet. I have truly felt that my testimony has grown of the Savior, and I know, and have a sure testimony that when we share our testimonies they do take root, and grow within us.

Painting a member's trailer...

Afterwards, she fed us chicken with mole and rice. I LOVE MOLE. You eat all of it with corn tortillas (the only tortillas I eat, cause basically, I'm hispanic)

Eating tres leeches that a member gave us... it is SOOOO good!

Pancake breakfast before church #bondingtime
My name in Arabic... Sister Housari's Dad (she is an English sister missionary) and is a Palestinian convert and did this for us! It's pretty cool! Reads left to right. 

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