Monday, July 25, 2016

Lightning Strikes & Adventures of the "Lost" Keys

So on Saturday, I got a call from one of the Assistants. Was not expecting it. President has called me to be a district leader! I am kind of nervous, but super excited! I really have no idea what to expect! Now all of my companions including me will have been district or zone leaders. Any tips haha? On Thursday, a member from the Bishopric called me and Elder Finch, and asked if we could give talks on missionary work. I was excited because I have not given a talk in the field yet! We got to sacrament, and the first speaker went on for 27 minutes. Our talks were each supposed to be 10 minutes long, but at this point it was 9:57am and sacrament meeting ends at 10:05am. Elder Finch got up and spoke until 10:05, and I never got the chance to! One of the bishopbric members got up and said that they would have me speak next week, and told everyone if they wanted to hear me speak, then get here early! I gave a big nod and smile to the congregation, and everyone laughed. I looked over to Elder Volmar who was translating on the stand, and we smiled because we both knew I would be gone next week since I had already gotten the call on Saturday! I was literally 5 ft away from giving a talk, and 5 ft I guess just was not enough! Anyway, I think I am headed off to West Columbia. They have a really strong branch there, and the current district leader is finishing his mission this week. I will let all y'all know next week what happens! transfers are on Wednesday BTW.

I dropped the ball hard core on Saturday! It was almost a mess, but I did recover the fumble...let me explain: So a sister in the Spanish group who works at a medical clinic, (the one who referred us to Gloria) gave us another referral. With the privacy of her job, she can get fired if they know it was her who referred us. She is literally risking her career just so that people can hear the gospel! Mad respect! Anyway, we head over and we knock the door. Her husband was just deported and she has 6 kids under the age of 7! We taught a short restoration message, and then I said "your name is __, right?" I always forget peoples names upon first contact. She said, "excuse me, but did I tell you my name?" Then I realized I goofed... She never told us her name. I quickly said something like "yeah remember, you told us your name after we told you ours!" She brushed it off, but still was pretty timid, and she stood back a little. I asked for her last name to put in the area book (Already had it), but she refused to give it to us. We will see how this goes! We have a return appointment tonight. We played it off even more by telling her we had been knocking around in the complex, and after she shut the door, knocked on the apartment across. I'm praying that all will be well!

One thing I am sad about is that there will be many baptisms here soon that I won't be here for! We are teaching some really cool people. Sabrina is still on date for August 13, and came to church yesterday! I will miss the member, especially Sister Russo! After working with her to bring her back to full activation since February, she has an interview on Tuesday with the bishop to get back to the temple!! I am so excited!!!

I had my last exchange in this area with Elder Blackham. He is a stud! #futureApostle  Anyway, the exchange was not very successful. We had apartment inspections, which we failed because the kitchen was not 100% perfect, and because I did not know we needed to change filters for the air conditioning (it was nasty). That took 2 hours. We were on bikes, since the car was still in the shop from my accident, and then a nice storm rolled in. We were debating whether or not to head out on bikes, so we prayed, and felt we should. We started, and the wind got pretty strong, and the rain really stung. We were biking through huge puddles- our shoes were completely submerged as we were peddling. We got soaked not 7 seconds from being outside of the apartment. That is how much rain. We got down the street and turned into Arbys. Elder Blackham felt impressed to get under cover. We went across a big parking lot and stopped under the overhang of a building. A few seconds after we had gotten under, lightning started to strike and a bolt hit a light post in the parking lot like 25 yards away. The power of the strike pushed us back a little bit! It was crazy! Another hit in the same parking lot. I am grateful that Elder Blackham recognized the prompting and that we weren't toast! After like 20 minutes, we decided to head back to the apartment. During all this, we found out that our phone got drowned in the pocket we placed it in, in Elder Blackham's backpack! oh boy! Thanks for your prayers!

This week, we left our keys at an investigator's house! It was like 9:30pm and we needed to be in our apartment. We called the investigator, and they said they would give us them tomorrow. We headed to the ZL apartment after planning real quick, and they gave us a spare key. We talked with them and then headed to our apartment to go to bed. We got to the apartment, and the key was missing. We went back to the Zone leaders and the key was not in their apartment. We went out, and searched for it in the grass, and dirt and still could not find it! I checked my pants for them, but nothing showed up. We said a prayer and then continued on. At this point it was 10:35. Bed time is 10:30. E
lder Dillree decided to climb the outside of the apartment onto our balcony thing (we are on the second floor). The sliding glass door was unlocked!! We got in, and then later that night, found that the key was indeed in my pants! Well, the Lord answers prayers, and does give us funny mission stories along the way!

Alrighty! That's all!

English class graduation- round 2. Best tres lechhe ever!
Spanish missionaries in the district- who has the best double chin?!

Captured at a meeting
At English class graduation- more pics to come

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