Monday, July 18, 2016

Baptism!!! psych... not ours.

We had a baptism this week.... in the district, not us though...yet. She was found when went to the flea market a few months ago! The baptism service was huge! tons of support! Our investigator Sabrina showed up, with all of her cousins in this area! Total of 9 people not of our faith there! The spirit was super strong! Many of her cousins asked what they need to do to be baptized! They live in the sisters area, so they will be teaching them! Sabrina is doing well! She is asking so many questions and she is thinking about baptism so much! Her date is for August 13th! We are almost done with the lessons too! Last night we ate with her family, and taught the word of wisdom. We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ (la fe, el arrepentimiento, el bautismo, the gift of the holy ghost, and enduring to the end). It was very clear to her, and she is super excited for baptism!!

We had Bairon and Sayda (from Honduras) on date for this Saturday, July 23rd. They still need to get married, and we have a few more things to teach. Bairon wanted to get baptized the 23rd, and he thought they could do all of that this week. We were like, well, okay sounds good! They needed to come to church, but they slept in, and did not show up, so their date had to be moved. We taught them last night the 10 commandments, and the law of chastity. It went super well. They understand so much! They have no problems with word of wisdom either (they are both health freaks haha) but the thing holding them back is the law of chastity, since they are living together, and not married still-with a 2 yr old daughter. Sayda especially has a light about her that is just so peaceful! she has been reading the book of Mormon a ton too! We found them through English class! One day before class, Bairon said he wanted us to come teach his family about God, and so we did! We will be working with them on a baptismal date here soon.

Yesterday, we also taught Antonio. He was refferal from sister Russo. We went in to teach him the GOJC (gospel of Jesus Christ), but ended up talking about the atonement, and the word of wisdom. Sister Russo was not downstairs teaching with us, but before we went inside, we prayed in the car that she would bare powerful testimony to him during the lesson. Almost imediately after teaching about the atonement, she came downstairs, sat down and started to bare her testimony of the atonement. She was in her room the whole time, and so she didn't hear anything, but that was just so cool! It was a little tender mercy and a reminder that Heavenly father will answer your prayers.

For now that was all that was notable I guess! But I love this mission and being a missionary! I feel so happy with my decision to serve a mission. I have grown a bunch, and I'm grateful that Heavenly Father's blessing me for my efforts. I love tough things, I'm the first to do tough things, I do tough things first, I'm a finisher! I love being a missionary!

Some cool random stuff: 
  • Tons of lightning storms this week! I love the rain storms we get!!!
  • It is also great when the humidity is not 88% or more! Its nice when it gets down to like 60% humidity haha.
Here are some clues I have gathered up to determine if a house is of a hispanic or not so we know to knock or not:) Not intended to be mean in any way, just some common stuff that is kinda funny!
  • Princess blanket in the window
  • Christmas lights still up in July
  • White vans with tons of ladders
  • Various glass bottle caps on porches/ in the dirt
  • Tools in piles on the porch
  • Mops, or paint buckets on the porch
  • Soccer cleats, work boots with paint splatter (all sizes way smaller than my foot)
  • 3 prong satellite dish
  • Tons of cars parked in front of a house in random ways
  • Smells like hispanic food
  • Any of the above with a good looking porch connected to a trailer
  • Ford Expedition
  • Catholic beads/ image of the Virgin Guadalupe or Maria (not many black or white Catholics)
This is called Papusa-- it is so good! <I have no idea what is in it-- brayden just sent it without explanation>

Elder McLaughlin

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