Monday, June 13, 2016

Staying in North Chuck

We met some sick people this week! We met a guy named Sebastian Arenas from the Canary Islands! That was so cool! We met his cousin last week. His name is Santiago Van De Loo, and he is from Holland I guess? I talked soccer with Sebastian, and he said that he used to play with a professional player! I asked him who, and he said Mauro Icardi! They hung together as middle-schoolers! Mauro is playing for Inter-Milan right now! I was trying to remember the name of the player who is nicknamed 'the flying dutchman'. His last name starts with 'van". Anyway, he saw our nametags and saw the name JESUCRISTO and asked if we were from a church for Spanish speakers. We explained the church a little, and he seemed pretty interested! We will see him at English class on Tuesday. His dad also gave us a ton of fanta! It was hot, and he said come back and knock on the door if we ever have thirst and he will give us stuff to drink!

Real quick, we were weekly planning on Saturday and got a phone call from Elder Hartman, one of the assistants (side note, we are going home together). He said that Elder Douglas has been called to be a District Leader! We were both surprised! So I am staying here in Charleston, and he is gone on Wednesday. I have learned a lot from this companionship and I hope to apply the same things I have learned these last 4 months to the next companionship!

Quick update! Jesus is off date and so is Veronica. Jesus moved to Florida, and may be avoiding his immigration court date. Veronica, she is not doing anything in her own time to progress, neither her sisters, but we are still trying to work with them. Mauricio is doing well, and he is praying every night! He will be baptized June 25th!
Yola Russo is one of less actives, and she has been doing some sick member missionary work! We did not know her daughter was a member and she referred us to her to to go and help her get back to church! she also referred a friend, named Antonio, and this guy is gold! We taught him the restoration, and after we shared the first vision, he said he believes that was true! He asked what he needed to do to be a member of our church! It was great! he was very open with us, which made it easier to teach him! He is from Chile and his Spanish is a little different! We tried putting him on date, but we could not get him to say yes for July 9th, but he will be baptized! Look forward to teaching him tonight! 

What is cool about that is that Elder Douglas and I felt strongly a few months back to visit Sister Russo. Doing so has strengthened our relationship with her and now she is consistently coming to church, and now we have gotten 3 referrals from her! it is so cool! She will be moving to Utah in the next year or so, entonces, it will be cool to see her after the mission!

We had dinner with Gloria on Monday night! She said she wanted to eat like a family it was so sweet! Her two little kids are so cool! We invited Sister Tapia to come over with us. She is on date right now as well, and her baby will be coming next week!
One last thing, we had English class graduation on Thursday and the students loved it! They all got up and shared why they were grateful for the classes! It was aweome! I got a picture and some videos.

Okay, that's all for now! Can't wait to see who my next comp is!

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