Monday, June 20, 2016

New comp is my homie

So my new companion is Elder Thomas Finch from Ramona, California! We know some of the same people too! He is 20 yrs old, went to BYU-I and he is DANG fluent in Spanish. I am so glad to have him. My Spanish will get so much better. I have already learned a whole bunch more! He served in the Greenville zone with me while I was in training, so I already knew him. He's pretty cool. He has been out 15 months, the same as Elder Fife.

I got the keys for the Ford Fusion! Haha I am still the junior companion, but I asked for driving rights. It's pretty fun! I have not driven this much since I was at home! I am also leading the area right now technically, since he still doesn't know the area. By the end of next week, he should get a pretty good handle on the area though.

As of now, we have Gloria and Veronica on date, and Mauricio is now off date. We have been trying to teach Mauricio this week, but he never had time, which was unusual. We finally just stopped by last night and asked if he had read an assignment we gave him. He said no, and said that he didn't want to do this "church thing" anymore. I was like, dangit! We had a good conversation with him, and we got many concerns out of him. One of the concerns was that other church's promise blessings, but nothing ever comes to pass. He doesn't want to commit to live the commandments and do this "Mormon thing" and then find out that we could be like the other church's. I understand his concern very clearly. It would suck to be promised blessings and then get to the point where the blessings should be coming, but they never come. We talked about taking a step of faith. We reviewed the whole message of the Book of Mormon, and made it clear that he needs to to all he can to receive an answer if this book is true. Because if the book is true, and he knows its true, then all of these concerns he has will not be concerns anymore. This is the case with everybody. It all comes down to IF the Book of Mormon is true, and IF Joseph Smith was a
true prohpet of God. We asked if he was doing all he possibly could to find out for himself, and he wasn't. He didn't come to church, and he wasn't praying or reading the scriptures every day. We recommitted him to do these things, and he said he would.

On another note, Gloria will be having her baby on Wednesday, so teaching her may be hard this week! She is very poor and needs some baby stuff, so the relief society is helping her out! It is so cool! Sister Tapia is heading this, and it was her idea. She is a stud! Gloria is on date for July 16th.

We had a great lesson with Veronica and the spirit was super strong! We re-taught the restoration because she needs to understand this message super well. She understood it and we got a true reason why she wanted to be baptized! She really has real intent and wants to be baptized so bad! We went over last night and read form 1 Nefi with her family. We talked about prophets again, and she is taking it in more and more! She is on date for baptism on July 9th.

Transfers were tough! Elder Douglas and I became good friends! Elder Daynes finished his mission and now basketball in the mornings has gone down hill. The games aren't as fun hahaha.
Last Monday of ballin' with Douglas & Daynes #flex

Elder Daynes is gone too, and Elder Douglas got transferred out
This morning we saw the JW's walking around our apartment complex. I got really excited to talk to them and we were looking through the window and peep whole to see if they were coming. A guy and his 9 yr old son knocked on the door. We opened up, and he said "oh you're the mormon ministers"...We were like yes sir we are! We were super nice to him and talked about their religion and shared some basic info on ours. He is from Huntington Beach and commented on the San Diego temple right off the freeway...looking back I should have gave him a pamphlet. But we were really kind and hopefully planted a seed, since I have heard stories that missionaries bash with JWs (and I just want to be kind).

Well....that's it for now!! Till next week!

Elder McLaughlin- envió desde mi iPad

Last time with the crew at Bojangles. Saying bye to Elder Aldous #heisdead #originalcrew

Mike moved to Monk's Corner & we haven't seen him in a long time! Good to see him. He is a recent convert.

Sister Brady & Shaw got white washed--- (which means that they both left) & two new Spanish sisters came in this week.

So much luggage!!! The zone leaders & us in the car headed to transfers on Wednesday.

Just chillin- Elders Blackham & Volmar

West Columbia--- probably going to be there in the future! We were just passing through...

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