Monday, June 27, 2016

I turned my head and... BAM!

So first off I lost the sheet that I wrote down stuff on to remember
what to write home about, dang it! So gloria had a still birth this
week. She lost her baby. We don't know why it died, but we got a call on Tuesday about it, so we headed to the hospital to give her a blessing. On our way there, I was driving in downtown Charleston... Downtown is so packed with traffic, and it is literally
all one way streets with two lanes. I had missed my left turn into the hospital, and so I needed to get over to the left lane to double back. As I did so, I looked in my left mirror and then went for it, but after already starting over, I turned my head and BAM! Yes I got into an accident. I had only had driving privileges for 6 days. NOT EVEN A WEEK! Call me lame :) It is all okay though. I hit
a pick up truck owned by the state of South Carolina, and I didn't do much damage to their car. Just some bumper displacement. Our front left side of the Ford Fusion below the light and above the wheel got damaged. Hours later, I was a told I am no longer the designated driver. Always look over your shoulders before you turn!! Anyway, we finally made it to the hospital and saw Gloria and gave her a blessing. Right now she is doing well. On Saturday we went to the church to collect donations for Gloria.
The Relief Society headed up a donations thing for her on Facebook since she is very poor, and needs a lot of help. Her kids did not have beds, and in her house she had one light, in the kitchen. She has not been able to work because of her pregnancy either. The Spanish and some English members rallied around her and came up clutch! We got a sofa, kitchen table, lamps, kitchen chairs, food, 2 baby beds, clothes and some other stuff donated to her! It was so cool seeing how happy her little boy Jeffrey (picture of him in previous weekly email) was to have a bed! We did teach her this week as well, and she is understanding the gospel a little more! She came to church for her second time as well! During Sister Sorenson's talk (One of the Spanish sister missionaries who replaced the others) Gloria's son Jonathan ran up to the stand and started banging on the piano- It was kinda funny! 

In other news, we have an English class student named Biron who came to church with his wife Sayda and their little girl!! He expressed interest in coming to church with us after we taught our English class on Thursday night! We went to visit them and taught the Restorationwith the Cortez family on Saturday night! They are  on date to be baptized July 23! They are from Honduras, but look Brasilia. Speaking of Brazil, we taught the restoration to a brasilia family this week! They only spoke Portuguese so that was a toughie! We brought a member who speaks Portuguese, so without him, we would be completely lost! I have never had to focus so hard in a lesson. It was rough!! We did eat pão de queijo which in Spanish is pan de was made super different than what the latinos do, but it was good!! We are going back on thursday so that will be fun!! The companionship is going well. No problems or anything and we had a great week last week!! We got 8 new investigators and 2 of them are family members of a less active lady!

This week we got so much food from investigators! Including empanadas last night, carne asada and rice, tortillas, 5 water bottles, pasole last night as well, and tres leche. Lord is blessing us!
We had a zone conference on Friday! It was the best one yet!
President turner gave some very good trainings, and so did the
Assistants. They talked a lot about having a fire in you to go out and do missionary work, well that is what I got from that at least. President talked about the importance of using 'Preach My Gospel' more, because we need to be 'preach my gospel' meetings. The assistants also talked about priorities in methods for finding new investigators and president outlined priorities for personal study material. 1. Book of Mormon 2. Preach my Gospel 3. New Testament 4. Doctrine and Covenants 5. Pearl of great price/ Old Testament. I felt the spirit super strong and learned a lot!
As a mission we are role-playing what we call the Fort Jackson Role play- teaching the restoration in 7 minutes. What this does it help us take off the fat us missionaries naturally put in to lessons. The 7 minute restoration is pure testimony and so powerful. Now we do not teach the restoration in 7 minutes ever, but if we would ever need to we know how to. At zone conference we watched a video of President Eyring's 6 yr old grand daughter share a 5 minute restoration. It was so sweet and powerful!

Well, that's all for now! Mosquitos are killer here. I put on spray
every night and I still get attacked. They are so savage! They bite
you through your pants! Elder Finch smacked one, and a bunch of blood splattered on his arm...hopefully it wasn't my blood haha!

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