Monday, June 6, 2016

Best week of my mission.... again

Elder McLaughlin wrote a nice detailed letter and then his iPad had technical difficulties and it disappeared... so here are some bullet points of what is going on in South Carolina

  • Had the best week of my mission... again.
  • Hit all of our weekly goals.
  • Veronica, Jesus, & Mauricio all came to church (all are on date)
  • Mauricio brought girlfriend too
  • Every fast Sunday the group does their own meeting for testimonies- super powerful testimonies
  • Jesus introduced himself in the gospel principles and then bore his testimony. Many wet eyes. He is only 17, and has a huge testimony. I'll write more about him next week.
  • We had 5 less actives who we are working with that showed up
  • La familia Jimenez were there for the first time in 8 weeks
  • Hermano Chavez was there first time in 9 weeks (but whose counting?:)
  • Maria Cruz (and daughter Veronica, who is on a baptism date) the first time in like 7 years.
  • Tonight we have a lesson with the Cruz Family, and we are going to really figure out why Veronica wants to get baptized. Not sure if she really wants to for the right reasons. 
  • Also, it's kind of funny. Their 11 year old daughter has a crush on me-- talk about awkward hahaha.
  • Elder Douglas and I are doing well together
  • We were put together to figure out how to be a missionary. I feel like we were legit thrown together in the deep end oft he pool, and we have learned how to swim. 
  • We are hitting our goals and put up some big numbers this week.
  • Taught 26 lessons this week and that was awesome! The more practice, the better! 
  • I am grateful to have been with Elder Douglas. I have figured out who I am a little more, and what I need to work on these last 4 months. 
  • Transfer calls next Monday! Elder Douglas is probably leaving, but there is a slight chance he will stay for one more. We will be baptizing next transfer, so whatever happens, happens.
  • VERY humid right now, and I sweat just being outside for a few seconds!
  • quote of the week: "I feel like it's a sin to say my first name!"        -Elder Douglas 

Yeah we like Clemson... actually, Elder Douglas still isn't sure what he like #toomanycolleges

Listening to John Bytheway, and wondering why it was 85 degrees outside this late at night
I haven't survived yet

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