Monday, May 16, 2016


Okay so today we are having a district Nerf war!! We got guns, bullets and we are ready to roll. I guess Nerf wars in the mission are pretty sick! We have the whole church to ourselves. It's capture the flag nerf war. Yes we are dignified missionaries, with a 10 year old sense of fun though! Pictures to come next week!

Some more interesting things about the south in general... When I first got here, I saw everybody parking on grass. It was weird! Why ruin your grass with your car! Turns out we even do it too now. I remember McKenzie telling me that uncle Matt parked on their grass while she was visiting them in Florida. You don't see that out west. It is such a thing out here that one of our trailer parks asks people to specifically not park on the grass they put in. hahaha (we don't do that, of course)

I love being near the Charleston airport! It is so cool to see new military planes and commercial planes everyday. It sometimes gets annoying during lessons because the sound of these planes shake the trailers and interrupts us a lot. We have been seeing tons of jets too as of late.

Mosquitoes are coming out more and more! Sometimes wearing bug spray doesn't help. We have
"No-see-ems'" which are mosquitoes we literally cannot see- they are so small! They leave these red dots all over your skin. I got bit on my thigh the other day (I was wearing pants, so that was kind of misfortunate). Last night I got bit on the inside of my wrist by a nasty looking mosquito and on my thumb! What the heck! It is super weird.

We have 4 investigators right now who have been placed in our path amidst their trials in their life. Sandra and her family are going through a hard time. Her husband is a barracho and she is trying to keep the marriage together for her two daughters. Marcelo is currently having health problems, which is humbling him a lot. 
A man named Uriel called us on Saturday. He said he talked with us in the street a few weeks ago. He was drunk when we talked with him and he did not seem interested. When he called us he said he wanted to get back on the right path. He had questions about the bible as well. We invited him to church and he did not show, so after church we spent a  little over an hour at his house. We taught the restoration, and talked a long time about prophets. He kept pulling out bible scriptures out, to contest us a little bit and it was funny because he actually gave us some good scriptures about prophets! Hebreros 1:1 was one of them. He was very sincere and we talked about the introduction and about the current church leadership. He kept asking who the prophet today is, and where he lives. The prophet today is Thomas S. Monson and he lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. He kept repeating his name over and over again. He asked many questions which we were able to answer well. He was thinking super hard and I am so happy for his desire to change his life. We did get a text from him last night, early in the morning. He talked about how he was afraid God was going to let him die. His lungs from smoking are not in too great shape. Pray for him! 
Finally we have Carma. She is the full-blood Native from south Dakota. In the last two weeks, this is what she has gone through: Her husband got deported to either Mexico or Guatemala, and for a few days she didn't know which country he got shipped off to. Her friends' son died in the trailer park (the one who choked on jello) and she took off work for one week to help them out. She was the only one who helped set up the viewing, and funeral. She was also evicted from her house, so last Monday we went to go help her and her family move out of their trailer. it was pretty chaotic. On top of all of that, she does not have much money so taking a week off from work was such a sacrifice, and she got beat up by a guy this last week. Her hand broke and surgery will be expensive. However, through all this stress, and just craziness, she has so much faith and hope. She is so strong and it is so admirable. It is no coincidence that the Lord has placed her in our path. 
I translated from English to Spanish for sacrament meeting on Sunday and it was so hard! English people speak too fast oh my gosh. I have been listening to podcasts from Jack R Christensen and he is so cool. Like him, I want to be able to have the Lord's trust so much that I will be the answer to someone's prayer. I want to feel the spirit so strong in my life, that I am just glowing. I want to be able to recognize promptings better. I have learned the most about the spirit on my mission, and I feel stupid that I did not appreciate that gift. Man, if I would have had the spirit more in high school, I would have been so much better in classes and I would have been better with my friends and I would have been able to fight off satan...

The future is looking good, but the present is still a bit of a struggle. We have had so much rejection these last few weeks. I know the field is white, and ready to be harvested, but sometimes it just does not feel that way. I want to baptize so bad, and we are working pretty hard. It feels like so many people are hard-hearted. However, don't get me wrong. I'm not discouraged or anything, just really frustrated. Discouragement is a temptation, and will decrease a missionaries effectiveness to teach by the spirit. From the time Alec first heard the restoration, to the time of his baptism, it was like 3 months or so. I really want a golden investigator like he was. Somebody who I know without a doubt will become a member of this church. I hope to see that in one of the above mentioned people pretty soon! One thing I am working on is being bold and loving. Elder Douglas and I are pretty bold, and it has gone well, but working on how to intermingle the love in there a bit better will help us more if that makes any sense. 

We have interviews with President Turner again, this time it is individual interviews! I am excited! I accidentally butt-dialed him today too...LoL -- Don't do that.

Love of Christ; Love from Christ; Love for Christ; Love like Christ

con mucho amor

Elder McLaughlin
Yes... gave myself a haircut

My initials for a run-down recording studio... guess I'm talented.

Still Christmas in this household!

Daily fish off the balcony... it's how we eat in North Chuck! #MSFprobs

Hook got stuck in my hand. whooops.

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