Monday, May 23, 2016

Disappearing Act

Charleston Zone
Hola otra vez!
First off, we had interviews with President Turner on Friday! He is so cool, and I wish I knew him better! He seriously looks like a General Authority too. We talked about Christlike attributes during the interview and we were supposed to have finished the attribute test in preach my gospel before coming in. It was very helpful. I need to work on charity and love, and that will take a whole life time to develop. He mentioned in the interview that he is pleased that he has many really good, young Spanish missionaries, me included! Right now we have 20 Spanish missionaries, with either 9 or 10 in the mission field under a year.

This week I met another native, but from Mexico! She looked sooo
indigenous it was crazy! She was super old too. She was in a grassy
field with her daughter and grandchildren, but did not speak Spanish. She speaks a dialect called Mistec. I learned "Bye" in this dialect- "Cayo." Still want to meet someone who speaks Cechua.

We visited a less-active family this week named the Jimenez. We were eating pizza and then the mom brings out some weird looking
stuff...MENUDO.  Menudo was super chewy and fat. I think it is
basically cow stomach.

This week was super tough. We have almost hit rock bottom in terms of investigators. We have been dropping people left and right. It is kinda funny though, we find someone to teach and they seem super down to listen and come to church, and then we loose complete contact! We are averaging like 6 new investigators a week, but those all seem to disappear. Like last month we had a guy on date for baptism, and two days later he had disappeared to Florida! It is weird! Sandra and Iveth have stopped answering texts, calls and their door as well. We have not taught them in 3 weeks, and have seen Sandra once in these three weeks. Seems like the Lord is telling us to go to the less-actives more. We teach 7 less actives a week, and I guess we need to up that. We will be focusing on less-actives even more so that we can find success somewhere. 

Being a Spanish missionary in the southern states is tough, and I'm sure you've figured that out. We had a lady tell us this week that she can't come to church here. She said maybe in Mexico, because she was here to purely work. That's what these Latinos are here for. I have not lost faith though, and we will find success here soon! Pray for us!

Two more things: We were talking to some guy from Guatemala and he asked about missionaries. We talked about what we did. We leave behind family, friends, school, and work to come out here and teach about Jesus Christ. We told him we don't have girlfriends either, but I messed up in Spanish and said "novio" (boyfriend) instead of "novia" (girlfriend)... whoops, so he freaked out a little and I thought he was joking the way he reacted. Apparently not, because he wouldn't shake my hand and stood back, and then told my companion, Elder Douglas, to be careful haha.  He was a homophobe. LAME!

We also asked for a refferal from the Fernandez family after sharing a message with them. I asked, "who do you know who could benefit from this message?" I am working on question asking, and apparently that was a terrible question. The answer I got was "well, the whole world needs to hear this message. Everyone deserves to hear about Jesus Christ." So I guess everyone we teach will now be marked as a refferal from brother Fernandez. Hahaha

The before pic
Yeah... first haircut I gave... #fail

baking mom's cookies

almost hit this cute little guy

Reppin' down here in the south!
Jorge air dropped this to me.. hahaha

last week's weird bite- that one itched like nothing else.
Elder McLaughlin- envió desde mi iPad

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