Monday, May 9, 2016

Christmas #4

So, missionaries have many different "Christmas- like days". Of course the actual day of Christmas is Christmas, but so is Mother's Day and LDS General Conferences. All of those are just like chocolate for the soul....that sounds weird lol. Man it was so great talking to the family!! I did not want to hang up. 40 minutes went by wayyyyy too fast. 

Mom was worried that Bray was looking too skinny, so he proved that he still has meat on those bones.
family picture fail
In disbelief that Monson is taller than Dad = Brayden is way shorter than both.
So here are some quick points. First off, I am so sad for the lack of respect in the Latino families. Many of the stories I have heard are sad. Lots of domestic violence. There is a family living in one of the trailer parks we work in, and their son passed away because he choked on jello. That was very strange, and so there were some cops investigating the step-dad. We are trying to help the mom, and apparently a few days ago, the step-dad hit her on the head because she was going through lots of grief. That was so sad to hear. We visited Rocio (Recent convert) and she shared stories about her mom, and the abuse her mom faced from her dad. It was so sad. Respect your moms! They do so much, and I don't think we give back to them enough.

So we have been getting some weird questions lately from many people we talk to. A few days ago I got this question again: "What color is Jesus?" I was like are you serious, not again. I asked the guy, why it was important what color he is. He ignored and kept asking it. I told him that I do not know for sure, because I have never seen Jesus with mine own eyes. He said, I'll tell you. He's black. I replied with something like: cool! It doesn't matter to me what he looks like, the only thing that matters is that He died for us and suffered for our pains, afflictions and our sins. Interesting haha

We taught a man named Marco a few days ago. We found him walking in the street. We taught him real quick. Saturday, we got a phone call, from an out of the country number. It was a lady from Guatemala. She is the wife of Marco! She was super excited (and hard to understand). Marco was impressed with us or something and gave his wife our number! Apparently she is being taught by Mormon missionaries in Guatemala! We hope to see him in the next few days!!

Interesting things: There are lots of blue jays! They are definitely
my new favorite bird. They are so fast and really beautiful! They have like a static blue color. I'll try to take a pic of one! We have here in North Chuck what I term "pac-man police". The sirens on the police cars sound like pacman! It is so funny!

We also sang in church yesterday! We are in an English ward, but have a Spanish group, so Elder Douglas and I sang a Spanish hymn with Hermana Perez! It was in acapella and everybody loved it! That's twice now I have sung with a group in front of a big group of people on my mish! My violin talent has been put on hold, but I actually am getting better at singing!

Sandra is almost progressing! She came an 1hr 53 mins late to church, but she still came at least! She is soaking the gospel up and just really wants to get baptized super bad! She gets so excited during lessons, and it is so funny! We are teaching her two daughters as well, and they are very solid. Possible three baptisms here pretty soon! We tried setting a baptism date for June 4th with them, and they said they would really pray to see if this is the path they should take! That's exactly what we want them to do, so I cannot wait to see what will happen! Wohoo! This area has not baptized since Jan.16.

Well, till next week!!!

Hermana Campbell was transferred this week

check out this miniature door at the trailer park
See you again in 7 months at Christmas time!

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