Monday, May 2, 2016

7 Months Out & Staying in North Chuck

Playing Dress-Up haha
We got transfer calls this morning, and Elder Douglas and I are staying together for another transfer! This will be transfer #3 together. We are really unified right now, and the companionship is going great. I can admit, in February, when we were first put together, it was kind of rough. We did not agree on anything, and I was kind of judgmental. But, we have had some very good companion inventories and we are better than ever! We were put together when he was at 4.5 months and when I was fresh out of training at 3 months.

The Lord knows what he is doing, because our Spanish was not the best, and we still were not very sure how to really be a missionary. We have dived into preach my gospel, and our lessons are way better and we are more bold and confident with people than ever before! This last month we got 23 new investigators and man there is some good potential! The gift of tongues is coming back for me which is a relief haha! This week was a great week! We had some pretty cool experiences! 

The first was with a guy named Reher. He is a 7th Day Adventist. We talked about his beliefs and then religion in general. He seems pretty cool, and his religion has some similarities with ours. We went into the Book of Mormon, and introduced it. Just like everybody else, he had hold ups. The first thing he did was quote a scripture from the bible about being aware of false prophets. We testified of the Book of Mormon, shared the promise of Moroni, and again he started quoting scriptures from Isaiah... I was so lost at this point. So I paraphrased when Jesus said something like "other sheep I have that are not of this fold" and said that his other fold he was talking about were the peoples of the Americas.
He talked about how he only needed the bible to have salvation. I
admire his faith and his determination, but we will be judged out of
all of the books, is what I said to him. He went on again talking about how this book could not be true. I got bold and testified and the spirit was so strong. He said he would have to study it and I said that is all we ask him to do. I felt good because the spirit was strong, and I did all that I could do.

I felt super sad for one guy named Jose Luis this week as well.
We were teaching his family, and he asked what our intentions were with his family. We shared our purpose, and he went off on a tangent of respecting other religions. I understand that we must respect other religions, but we do need to invite others to listen to ours. I have strong witness that this church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the only true church on the face of the earth. That is why I am out here for 2 years, eating, breathing and living missionary work. It is so important to proclaim our unique message that the Church of Jesus Christ, which God established on the earth, is here again after being lost for many centuries. He was super hard-hearted and did not want to listen.
We had a miracle yesterday! We had nobody show up to church, or so we thought. Marcelo Garcia (off date for baptism now) and Sandra (new golden investigator) did not show. After sacrament a guy walked in with his Bible and a Book of Mormon. It took me a second to figure out who he was! It was Rodolfo! We taught him a few weeks ago and after the lesson we had, he gave us a hug! We did not think he was interested, but he came! I was soo surprised! He liked church, and said that he has been praying to see what church he needs to be a part of. We have a lesson with him on Thursday, so wish us luck! We talked with Julio this week, and we saw a whole different side of him. We found out he has "studied" with tons of different religions, and now it was our turn. He has so many hold ups with the validity of the Book of Mormon. He wants tangible evidence, but where is the faith in that? He asked so many what if questions that we answered with points in the restoration and plan of salvation. He tried to confound us in our words, but he was like frustrated when he couldn't lead us into his "traps" so to say. I was sad, and he does not really have real interest. He said he wanted to read the Book of Mormon, but has not kept any of his commitments to do so. Unless he calls us up, we are not going back. 

So, we had a fiesta on Friday for the Spanish group! It was so fun! We made it happen, and we invited investigators and less actives. Two of our less actives showed up and we had Sandra (investigator) show up as well! They got some good fellowshippers! A guy named Matthew Dimbinski showed up with another guy, Nick Franco. They were missionaries (Spanish) here like a year and a half ago. They were studs! We are ballin it up with them today at our zone sports day, in West Ashley. So Dimbinski trained elder Seiger, who trained Elder Fife, who trained me. That makes Dimbinski my mission Great-Grand dad. It was sick seeing him!
Matthew Dimbinski - my mission 'Great Grand-Dad' 
The Fiesta
Last night we went to visit a less-active, Maria Cruz. She was baptized in New York 10 years ago and hasn't been to church in over a year. She let us in, fed us on her porch (some dang good Honduranian food) and we taught her! We got out of there quick though, cause turns out she was super drunk....she invited us back next Sunday, so we will teach her some more, to try and get her back to church!

Southern culture: Okay, so many people ask me, "what is it like being in the south?" So, I have no clue as to what southern culture really is. Wikipedia has better idea than me lol. It is because we work in apartments and trailer parks where every Hispanic is, since I'm a Spanish-speaking missionary. However, it is cool teaching and getting to know Latinos from all over Latin America, and seeing their cultures. There are in order of most population: Mexico, Honduras, Brazil, Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru and Bolivia. I did meet a lady from the Dominican Republic this week.

Last night I fell asleep during a companion prayer, before heading out of the house. We knelt down and folded our arms on our study chairs and it was a loooong prayer he gave. I dozed off and then regained consciousness, and did not hear any words. He was waiting for me for two minutes! Hahahaha! I felt so bad, but it was funny. I tried playing it off like nothing happened.


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