Monday, April 11, 2016

Service opens hearts... and gets me mauled by a dog

So first off, at the beginning of the week, we had 3 people on date to be baptized! We put one guy on date on April 6th, and visited him two days later for a lesson. He was not there and instead, we found his five drunk friends. We started asking them questions as to where he went. Apparently he moved to Florida! I was like are you serious!? These barrachos got frustrated that we asked them questions and one guy stood up and slammed the door and they all started laughing. I am okay with having doors slammed on me generally, but this time I was kinda ticked. I yelled back "tengan una línda noche!" That was the only thing I could think of haha. So Julio came to general conference last week, and we asked what his schedule was so that we could set up a lesson. He said he would find out Monday and give us a call. It was now Tuesday afternoon, and we had not gotten a call, so we called him. We asked what his schedule was and he said he did not like how we were
pressuring him. I apologized that we pressured him (we went through all our calls and texts, and they were not an overload, and our lessons were great, so i was confused as to why he felt pressured).
He said he would call us when he felt ready. So now he is off date as well, and we have stopped trying to contact him. Rocénto was our last one with a baptismal date. He cancelled on us again this week and also did not come to church. We even talked with him about coming to church. Unless they come to church they cannot be baptized. So more info TBA. Now we have zero people on a date to be baptized. We did a lot more English work this week...and we are not supposed to teach English households. We went through our area book and hit up some trailers that I have not visited and come to find out that not one of those people we looked for live there any longer. Instead there were a bunch of English peeps we found, and taught of course. One guy in particular was Joseph. He is like 25 and he does not get out of the house. He believes in some nature thing, having to do with Celtic beliefs. He showed us a deck of some sort of game cards he had... the pics were cool actually haha. They was kind of like dungeons and dragons or yugi yo or something, with like mythical creatures on them. He said he did not get out much and that he had no friends so just talked about him. I do not remember how, but we tied in the plan of salvation to his interests. He also likes wars and history, so I asked what his favorite battle of the Civil War was. Gettysburg was his answer, and then I proceeded to tell him about a book of scripture that detailed the relations of two peoples and their battles and wars (BOM). I told him about the great last stand between Nephite and Laminate armies at the Hill Cumorah. He did not seemed interested at all though... bummer! After talking it up, I was excited to read this
book myself! Haha. Anyway that was fun. We also got to practice asking him questions, and elder Douglas and I bounced off each other pretty well. He said he did not believe in a god, only in nature. 

From our questions, we were able to find out that he does believe in God, but was kicked out of a church for being different. We testified of the Atonement and invited him to church! He did not show up, but the sister missionaries will be going over there next week!
Fun stuff this week... I got mauled by two dogs. Don't worry, I am alive and well. Only had to get 42 stitches. Just kidding, but really I did get attacked. They were huge dogs, who belong to a less-active family. They asked us to feed them for 4 days while they are in Tampa, and so we did. Service opens hearts! Elder Douglas and I had to hop a fence to feed them. He picked up a shovel just in case to defend me. I got scratched up quite a bit and my shirt super dirty! It was pretty funny though.

So we met some black guys who can really ball! We actually met them a while ago, and we have seen them around town as we have been proselyting. We saw them yesterday in one of our trailer parks and invited them to ball with us today at 4! Cannot wait! These guys are our age and they are soooooo goood! We were talking to "Lebron" (what people call him because he is basically Lebron james) and I have mad respect for these kids. He was saying that they want to stay off the streets, and the easy way to do that is to ball all the time. They want to make it to division 1 and the NBA. They also said they want to do some service with us! They are sooo cool! More on them later, okay?
I forgot to write this, but at zone conference, me, Elder Douglas,
Elder Blackham, Elder Aldous and A"storga sang ye elders of Israel" in acapella. It was a 5 part harmony and everybody loved it! Sister Turner was super impressed as well as most of the missionaries! I wish we had it on video!
We had a lesson last night and then got home at like 9:35pm. We saw that some people were moving out and decided to go help them out. We asked if they needed help, and so we moved a TV table thing, a washer and a fridge. The man was grateful for our help and asked who we were. We gave him a Book of Mormon and a card and he said he would check us out! Service opens hearts round 2!
Also this week we were on the freeway and the oil pan cover fell
halfway off and it was bad hahaha. We had to get it fixed and it was
making a lot of noise! Thats it! It was a tough week in terms of numbers, but this week is about to be good! 

Also we had a scout auction, and people could buy tickets and place them in a jar of the missionary they wanted pie thrown at.... we have 8 missionaries in this ward, and sister Housari and Douglas got the pie in the face. It was really funny! I have so much video, but my camera and email wont let me send it!

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