Monday, April 4, 2016

April Fools & the Plan of Salvation

Time flies when you are having fun!!!!
6 month sock burning!
First off, we put two people on date to be baptized this week! On Monday we asked Julio to be baptized on April 23rd! I am excited! 

Backstory: We have been teaching Julio since I got here. We found him, as we were knocking around a trailer park in February. Our first actual sit-down lesson with him was sick! He had so many great questions, and wanted to know more and more. He then dropped off the map. He wouldn't meet with us because he was too busy, and one day he called us and said he can't meet because he is having problems. We went to his house and his wife said that he just left and rented out an apartment. They have been married for 23 years, and she was so sad about this. We got in contact with him again, but he did not want to meet with us anymore, so we dropped him. On Monday, we felt to go visit his wife, and his car was there! We were so stoked! He let us in and we had a bomb lesson, about the plan of salvation. He had lots of questions and it was great! His wife was in the kitchen going back and forth cooking, and out of the corner of my eye I saw her listening. As I looked up, she would walk out really fast. I was lame, cause I should have invited her to listen. Anyway, we taught him and asked him to be baptized on April 23rd! We invited him to conference, and he came to the last session on Sunday!! It was perfect for him as well! I am so excited for him!

We also asked Rocento to be baptized! We taught the plan of salvation to him, and we asked many questions to see if he understood, throughout the lesson. He did not seem like he was
into it, but his responses were super good! He understands what it means to be baptized, and wants to be baptized May 7th! Still trying to help his wife understand.

One sad thing this week is that some latinos got into a fender bender a few nights ago. We jumped out (it was pouring gatos y perros) and asked if we could help. There wasn't anything we could do, but anyway the result was that one of the headlights on one of their cars was now smashed and broken. I felt bad, because they had like 10 miles to get to their destination, and now only had one light, therefore the cops could pull them over. They were illegal and so that means they could be going back to their country.

We teach many people who are illegal, and I just can't imagine the fear they live in, of having to be deported if they have something happen to get them caught.

General conference was a blast!!! For missionaries it is basically like Christmas. I loved the general topics of strengthening the family, our Heavenly Father's love for us, and the Atonement. 
I felt the spirit super strong throughout all of it. One favorite quote was from Elder D. Todd Christofferson: "Challenges are an indication of the Lord's trust in you". That is so true. Heavenly father gives us trials in our lives so that we can learn to use the atonement to receive strength. Christ suffered for us, so let's go on and use this gift to our advantage! We can get through anything, because of Him. 

I have been studying in Mosiah this last week. In the MTC I had a question for conference which was, "What does it mean exactly to sing the song of redeeming love?" I had forgotten about this question, and then it popped in my head again this week. The answer I got was found in Elder Bednar's talk---the answer was "always retaining a remission of my sins." I like how he said that being born again comes by the spirit through ordinances. We cannot receive the fullness of the blessings of the Atonement without these ordinances, which is why baptism is so vital. It is the departure, not the destination. Like in 2 Nephi 31, it is the gate, because it's just the beginning of the long path called enduring to the end. Missionary work is so important because not only are we putting out an invitation to come unto Christ, but we are making it possible for others to receive the fullness of the blessings of the Atonement in their lives. 

I loved the powerful opening remarks from President Eyring. I felt like everybody was very bold and loving this conference! If you have not seen the Saturday morning sesion, go read the talks by Elder Hallstrom and Elder Kevin Duncan! They are so good! Elder Bednar and Elder Holland had beast talks as usual. I had the opportunity to watch 2 sessions in spanish (since we had spanish members in the translation room). It was tough to learn from it, because the translation is super fast, but I was still able to pick out some stuff. 

{Mom note- some things never change- Brayden is still 18, and still finding crazy ways to have fun, and STILL breaking things. He also decided to give himself a haircut and botched it.  Too bad he didn't include pics}

April fools was so fun. We snuck into the zone leaders apartment, taped the button down on an axe can, and left it spraying into the room from the counter top. We also put their beds in the bathroom and taped the separate spray nozzle on the kitchen sink, so that when they would turn on the water, it would not come out of the regular faucet, but the spray thing on the side! It was funny, and apparently it worked! I also broke their front door too...oops. They slammed it but my tennis shoe was there to stop it and so it somehow cracked the wood. We had to take it off and put some screws into it.  

Anyway these were the highlights of my week!
We got soaked in the rain! South Carolina downpour.
Hermana Perez is moving to Tampa-- NOOOOOOOO!

Hermana Perez, Miguel, & Jorge

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