Monday, March 21, 2016

Staying in Charleston

So first off I had 2 exchanges this week! One with Elder DeGraffenreid and the other with elder Astorga. On Tuesday with Elder DeGraff, We went 0-11 in contacting Less-Actives from our lists. They had all moved! We did though throughout the week find 3 new less-actives from going through other missionaries records and stuff from years past!! Last night, we tried to see one of the new less-actives we found and she lives there! We have an appointment with her tonight. so now 1 for 12 haha.
Good news! We finally found the missing member Miguel! He showed up at church! Apparently he was staying with an "amiga'' for like 2 1/2 weeks. Not sure why, and he won't tell us still! Anyway, we were finally able to get him his food! Woo!

Crunched for time today! Zone Conference was on Friday! It was great! President talked more about the South Carolina Initiative and Less-Actives. I am going to send what exactly this is to you after the letter.

We had a sick lesson with Adrian, Raul and Alex (12, 11 and 8 years old). We knocked on their door and they really listened to us! They were so in awe of what we were saying and they were very in tune with the message! it was so weird, but awesome! Adrian said he felt bad that Jesus was crucified, so we talked about that a little bit and shared what the atonement is:

(Atonement is the suffering that Christ went through in the garden of Gethsemane. He suffered pains, afflictions and temptations of all kinds so that he could take upon himself the pains and the sicknesses of the world. He took upon himself death, so that he could loose the bands of death. He took upon himself our infirmities, so that he could be filled with mercy towards us, and know how to support us during time of distress. ultimately, he suffered for our sins, so that through him, our sins could be taken away.) 

We let them know that because of his death, we can all live again with our families. We talked about the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and invited them to read from the Book of Mormon! We saw them again last night and they had read a little bit! We set another lesson with them for tonight and we will talk about the first chapter of Nephi! So excited!

We had a great day of church yesterday! It was ward conference and the area authority, Elder McCarther, was here and it was powerful! The importance of keeping the Sabbath day holy was hit hard! The last hour of church, the stake high council talked about addiction recovery. Most all of us have addictions, whether they be big or small, but I know that through the Atonement of Christ and with help from family, friends and professionals, anybody can feel peace and leave the past behind! So, use the Atonement of Jesus Christ!
A sad story- After church, one of our members was found passed out in his car. After taking him to the hospital, news got out that he had gone through cardiac arrest and did not make it. He had been sitting out there for over an hour. That is so sad. My heart goes out to the family.

Two more things- we were driving past the mall and there were dozens of cops! They had evacuated the mall and I am not sure what was going on! A cop was also shot last week in our area. Did not know that until 2 days ago. 

I totally forgot it was Saint Patrick's Day this week and so I did not wear any green, whoops... but we were on exchanges and had a diner that night... Dinner was CORNED BEEF and CABBAGE! Still keeping tradition going out here in the south!

Transfer calls came in and I am staying with Elder Douglas for at least six more weeks!

And just for fun, we made a fort out of mattresses the APs had brought over to the zone leader was very fun. Brought back memories of making forts with Monson haha!

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