Monday, March 7, 2016

Speaking with boldness

So first off, I talked about Lisa in my newsletter last week... we had called, texted and left messages and knocked on her door, and finally she texted us. She said she had problems right now and did not want to meet with us anymore. We were caught so off guard. She was solid! We went over (made 2 cakes earlier in the week and decided to give her one) and brought the cake as a way to get in. We knocked and she said "WHO?!" I replied "No es importante, tenemos pastel para usted!" 

She opened up with a big smile on her face, and her kids all ran out screaming "pastel" haha. We talked with her to see what's up, and she started talking about how she is having problems with not being able to have a pitbull. I wanted to laugh because I was thinking something like, "are you serious, you don't want to meet because you can't keep a pitbull in your apartment". 

Then she got deeper after a couple of our questions, and she is having financial problems. She is working a lot, wants to rest, and needs money still to pay for rent. The apartment management is prejudice against those who don't speak English and so she is frustrated. We talked with her less-active husband as well. Ultimately we testified that the Book of Mormon could help them and that we could help them in whatever way possible for us. We invited them to church as well. They kept making excuses why they couldn't come. We resolved those excuses, but then they came up with another and another and another. They had not read, and John started to get a little frustrated. He said he would come back when he wants to, so we asked well then why did not you come back before we came here? We were pretty bold. We decided to leave, but we made sure they knew we cared for them. Now what? Well, we won't be seeing them for a while. When they are ready, they know where to find us (the church is literally down the street from their apartment) 

Same thing is happening with Julio. He is a guy we had a lesson with a few weeks ago. He is ripped out of his mind, and has sooo many questions about the gospel. We had a lesson with him last Monday and scheduled one for Saturday. He realized for himself that the Book of Mormon is key for his conversion. We called him Saturday, and he said that he was having problems and that he couldn't meet with him. We are praying that this same guy won't turn out like Lisa! We will try to see him tonight!

Tonight we have noche de hogar (family home evening) and hope to have investigators there! We are officially done with soccer nights since they proved to be ineffective for us as well.

President Turner announced that in the South Carolina Columbia mission that no longer can we knock!! It is ineffective, and with the South Carolina initiative, our work will be finding through less-actives, as well as reactivation of those less-actives. We have our lists already and Elder Douglas and I have 7 families we will be seeing this week! (56 hispanic less-actives in our area).

Well that's all for now...exciting at least!

vaya con Dios!

ya know, just strolling through the trailer park

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