Monday, February 15, 2016

So I Went to Jail...

Hey guys!This week was the TOUGHEST week of my mission-hands down. I could go on a whole tangent on how I have come to this but I don't have that much time. Bottom line is that I have come to realize that I need consecrate myself 100% right now, or I will not experience the change every missionary wants to experience. I need to be ALL in or I won't be baptizing. My Spanish has gotten so good and I am teaching more by the spirit, and I am recognizing the Spirit even more as well.

So first of all... I went to jail... But with permission from President-- hahaha. Our investigator is in jail, and his mom is LDS. She and their family have been so distraught over his whole situation. We just gave some nice Christian service and tried to comfort him and their family. We had to sign in and I wish it was like it is on TV. We got to talk with him through a TV monitor, so it was perfectly safe.

So Monday I had a cool experience! We had a Spanish group FHE. I was in charge of a game with Elder Douglas. We were down to the last five minutes before it started and could not for the life of us think of a game relating to the Plan of Salvation. We prayed about it and right as we passed the Kmart near the church, a game we did in seminary my sophomore year, popped into my head! This was 100% the spirit. It was so cool! The game included taking twizzlers and drawing out the plan of salvation... And then eating it! It was a huge success! God answers prayers, even the simple ones.
Family Home Evening with the Spanish group
We put a guy on date! March 12th is his planned baptism. But, we have a problem. He is 20, his girlfriend is 16, and they have a kid. We need her parents permission to have them married, but her parents are living in Mexico, and she might be illegal. So if they get baptized, there could be some legal complications... It will all work out- I hope!

On Saturday night, we had 4 member present lessons set up. On Sunday we had 2. Saturday morning we had a few lessons set up as well-all of those set lessons fell through. We even had the members with us! That was the end to a hard week, but we cant control peoples agency.

I thought I broke my nose on Saturday as well. I thought it would be cool to do a front flip onto my bed, and when I did, my feet hit the wall and my knees slammed my nose. It was like 2 hours of bleeding after that. It's still a little sore, but that's okay!

This Charleston zone is amazing! They got a huge face lift. Every District Leader is new (as a DL, not to the mission). The Charleston area is a gold mine for Latinos. So many possible people to teach who speak Spanish! We will have so much success in the coming weeks.

We see C-130s every day since there is both a navy base and air force base. It's pretty cool. Last Monday in downtown I saw the church where the white guy shot everybody up.
Mother Emmanuel AME Church (the one that got shot up a while back)
~Elder McLaughlin

One of many Civil War cannons in this downtown park
Fort Sumter in the distant background on the left-- easier to see when not using a camera:)

The closest yet that I have been to the beach!!!! 

We see trailers of uh...different...uh personalities

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