Monday, February 1, 2016

Onward & Upward!

Hey guys! Wow lots going on! First of all, mom found out that Fife and I are both being transferred before our Zone Leaders found out tsk tsk tsk! Elder Fife is going to be a Spanish zone leader! That is a lot of responsibility and I cannot wait to see how it all ends up for him! It was crazy when we found out they were taking both of us out. I thought for sure I was going to stay. The Lord works in mysterious ways, so I am excited to see what happens! I really want to speculate as to where I am going, but at this point I really have no clue!

Elder Brent H. Neilson from the Quorum of the Seventy visited our mission this week! Half of the mission met with him on Thursday and the other half on Friday. We all got in line to shake his and his wife's hand. I talked with them and told them that I was in the Mexico MTC when I first met them like 13 weeks ago! They thought that was pretty cool! They are so friendly! It's so cool to see how his countenance is so bright! #futureapostle. His training was very good and helped me out a lot! We focused in on the Atonement being an enabling power. Man without the atonement, I could not be doing a Spanish mission. 

This week, on Tuesday, we did exchanges, and I led the area again! We had 3 lessons that day and let me remind you that our exchanges are with English elders. With that being said, We had a lesson with a Spanish family. Man that was tough. All I could do was rely on the Lord to help me at that point. I powered through it and it went well. We (the spirit and I hahaha) taught some points of the Restoration and we read the introduction to the Book of Mormon. I found out that the guy (we were teaching a man and his wife, his name is Faustino) can not read... like at all. That was interesting! We need our investigators to read or at least listen to the Book of Mormon, and so I asked if he had a phone. He said no, so that makes it hard since he cant get the BoM app and listen to it instead. I asked if he had a computer... "Yo no tengo una compu". So now the only choice he has is to listen to his wife read to him. I committed her to read to him in alta voz and she said she would! So that's good! Other than that, they kept talking about Jehovah's Witnesses, and I still do not know why hahaha! But anyway, I can use the atonement as I proselyte.

The enabling power of the atonement is essentially grace. As I work my hardest in teaching the gospel, and In studying Spanish, the Lord will add his power to mine, allowing me to do all things through Christ. I have been telling investigators, "yeah, we have trials because God wants to test or faith! A witness will not come to us until we have a trial of our faith", but I realize now, this is not all. We have trials in our life because we need spiritual traction. God gives us trials to test our faith yes, but to allow us the great opportunity to use the atonement in our lives. We cannot get through life without this precious gift of the atonement. The Plan of Salvation is centered on Christ's atonement; therefore, without using it, we really cannot go anywhere, and we make Christ's suffering vain. Elder Bednar in a talk said that yes, the Atonement is for sinners, but also for saints. It is here (in the gospel) to make bad men good and good men better. It's so cool that by using the redeeming and cleansing power de la expiación, podemos llegar a ser mejor personas y miembros de esta iglesia y este mundo.

I came to this mission conference with multiple questions. My first question was how can I make the sacrament more meaningful. The
second person to speak was Sister Turner ( the president's wife) and
she answered my question right off the bat! Man, it is still so cool how God answers our questions if we pray about them! On Sunday I taught gospel principles in Spanish by myself for the first time! Elder Fife and usually do it together. That was fun!

On our Tuesday exchanges, we stopped by and met with this guy Ronnie Wilson again. He said we could come by whenever, so we did. He said he was not interested. He has been reading the Book of Mormon apparently, but was not interested in changing religions. He then put on a smirk and said something like "well you guys don't get reception out here (he lives in the woods), so I'd be careful next time you come up to my house. I might come out with a shotgun next time"...he basically threatened us! First time for everything whoop! 

Elder Fife and I had the opportunity to sit in on Sandra's patriarchal blessing yesterday. She is one of Fife's recent converts (Spanish). It was so beautiful and its so cool how everybody has different specific promises for their lives! The patriarch who gave it is truly inspired. He speaks no Spanish and could not even pronounce her names, but when he said her tribe, he said it as it is spelled in Spanish! So amazing! Well, lots of the members were sad that we were going! I will miss some families here and I know Elder Fife will for sure. He is basically a part of the ward here, being that he has been here 101/2 months! Bishop Powell thanked us last night for our service in the ward and it was humbling to here him say we were the best companionship he has had in his ward since being called as a bishop 4 years ago! (Aside from one companionship of sisters though haha)

Onward and upward! I'm excited to see what is in store!

The Simpsonville District: Brayden, Fife, Malo, Bissell, Browne, Hatch.
Fife, Bissell & I are all leaving this week.
Elders Hatch & Browne on their way back to the apartment-this is what missionary work looks like!

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