Monday, February 22, 2016

One week from 5 months!

This week was another toughie! So much happened, and it has been super stressful. We are trying harder to make our purpose known. PEOPLE DON'T UNDERSTAND! It is crazy to me how we do our best to lay everything out for them very simply, and we do it with boldness and love, yet they commit and never follow through! Nobody is coming to church! We call the day before,text as well, and the morning of, we call and go knock on the door, but they don't budge. It gets really frustrating. We are getting more creative with our lessons though! So hopefully we see a change here soon.

I have realized how much we need the members. Often times it seems like there is the missionary church, and the evangelical church (within LDS culture). And they don't usually work together. We are one church, with one message, one Lord. We need to be knit together. It's crazy to see how ward councils are so vital, and how the members need to work better with missionaries! As a missionary, I can promise blessings.

The step dad of one of our investigators died of leukemia Friday night. We actually went to go see him in the VA hospital the night of his death. The family was there and it was hard because we did not know what to say. He looked like Kelly (step-gpa) before his death. It was sad. It is the perfect time for the knowledge of the plan of happiness for their family. I hope they will accept since their hearts are soft right now!

We went to the Coastal Carolina flea market on Saturday from like 7 to 12. We set up a booth and went around talking to people. We had some good success. There were 5 solid people who really sincerely wanted to learn more, and we passed out 400 English class/ soccer night fliers to Latinos we saw as we walked around! Flea markets are so cool! Of course the Jehovah Witnesses were there too...their booth had some sick television stuff and whatnot!

Some fun facts: We have 264 investigators in like a 6 mile radius from our apartment. There are so many trailer parks and apartments with only Latinos living there. Like I said last week, Charleston is a gold mine. This week we also got 11 New investigators, included in that is a family of 5! 

We went to a tienda to eat lunch after the flea market, and that is where I tasted the best horchata in my life!!!! Favorite stuff down here I like to eat are sopas as well! I love tres leches too! So there are so many different places to eat chicken down here. I have been keeping a list, but it is not with me. 

Latinos are super humble. I complemented one of the members on his tie clip on Sunday, and he said, "Really?" And I reaffirmed with a "yes", and he said, "you are my friend, so I want you to have it". I felt bad because this Latino member wears it every week, but it's cool how humble and giving they are. 

Cool experience: Last night we went and visited Dez and Oscar (they did not show up again at church so we went to follow up). Dez had her BFF over and she wanted us to educate her on the Mormons. She asked us about beer and we talked about the word of wisdom. We introduced the Book of Mormon as well. This is the cool part:  she had mentioned something about a god-father, and so i asked how the whole god-father thing worked. This led into her talking about infant baptism because it has to do with that somehow. She then asked us about baptism in our church, asking if we do infant baptism. I quickly pulled out Moroni 8 and had her read a few verses. We explained why infants shouldn't be baptized. She said she liked how we baptize way better. After testifying of the Book of Mormon and the church, she asked why we claim to be the only true church. All of these questions led perfectly into a quick 5 minute restoration lesson. I realized that the spirit led me to ask about god fathers, and ultimately it led to the whole restoration lesson! Cool experience for me!

Well I am almost at 5 months, and the mission is too fast!!!
Have a great week!

Elder McLaughlin

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