Monday, February 29, 2016

Clemson saved me.

So remember when I talked about hitting the wall doing a front flip? Then getting a bloody nose? Yeah so my California flag was covering that part of the wall and I found two holes one night....uh oh! This guy came into the apartment and fixed a huge hole in the dry wall which one of the zone leaders made by falling into it. It was like $115! That sucks! When the guy came in, I told him about the two holes I made as well. He is a Clemson fan and saw my Clemson blanket, so he fixed what I did for FREE! Wohoo haha!

Funny North Charleston joke: How many Portuguese speakers are there? A Brazilian of them! Right now, we have more Brazilians coming to English class, than Hispanics. The Goose Creek Spanish elders are only teaching Portuguese right now too!

Douglas, Aldous, Astorga
We moved on Friday! For those who did not know, we were living with the zone leaders in a 4 pack apartment. Now we have our own and it is so nice! Its clean as well! I do feel kind of bad though, because all of our investigators live in trailers, and we have better. Moving took forever. Elder Aldous (one of the ZLs) is still injured from basketball a few P-Days ago. Moving four people and cleaning a missionary apartment (not just any ordinary apartment... those who have served will understand) took so long. We did not get any real missionary work done on Friday and barely any on Saturday.
Notice our beds piled in the back
Cool experience of the week: on Wednesday we were in one of our many trailer parks going through names from the area book. After going through a few, Elder Douglas suggested to go back home to have dinner. I saw a name on the area book and we decided to hit this last person up named Vincent. We went to his trailer, but the patio door was locked from the inside. I knocked on the trailer door and this guy opened the door as he was yelling at his dog. I was freaked out at first, but come to find out, his dog had tripped him. His name is Rob, (English) and he is a veteran, has no legs, legally blind, and he is currently on dialysis. We got to know him a little bit and he was so cool! We talked about his life a little bit as well. He is really interested in religion and he has frequent religious conversations with people at dialysis. He talked about being raised as a Roman Catholic, but is not comfortable with the whole praying to Mary thing. He talked about how a Jehovah's Witness tried converting him. He said he likes to read a lot. I told him we have a book that would bring him joy. We introduced the Book of Mormon and testified of its truth. I asked him if he has ever asked God sincerely which of these church's are true. He said he has. I asked what his answer was. He said his answer was to keep looking. I told him this was his answer and If he would pray about the Book of Mormon, he will know it is true. He said he was and the spirit was super strong. The spirit led us to him! We can't teach him because he is not Hispanic, but he will be baptized- I know it!

One more are a girlfriend and boyfriend couple. Dez and Oscar. They are Latino, but speak English primarily. We can teach them because they speak Spanish too. Dez is 21 and oscar is 23. They are from Fresno and are what you call 'thug' for lack of a better word. The have been meeting with missionaries the last 2 years and they want to change. I feel a sincere love for them and their family. They have not been keeping commitments, and so we had a lesson with them to talk about some commitments. We had the spirit on our side that lesson. It was so strong. We were so straight up with them that the spirit touched their hearts. We were able to find out their concerns and we have a good lesson plan for this week for them to address their concern. These two need to be married as well, but they WILL be baptized.

We have some young investigators! Rocento (he is on date, but we are moving it back) and Yenifer are 20 and 16 respectively. Soooo young! And they have a kid too. I am excited for this next week because we are at the point where many investigators of ours will be put on baptismal dates!

That's all I got!
We make do with what we have.. tortillas & baskets.

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