Monday, February 8, 2016


Last Goodbye to Simpsonville
Not just my luggage, hahahaha

I am now in Charleston!
This poster was made after the Charleston church shooting a few months ago that was all over the news! #charlestonstrong
  • We live near Charleston Southern University....go BUCS!
  • Here in SC we have 6 stakes. 1 Zone per stake. So all the Spanish in this stake go to our ward. I live in North Charleston.
  • I live with my companion and the Zone Leaders! My companion is Elder Douglas from Nephi, Utah! He has been here one transfer more than me.
  • I feel more confident in my Spanish here and I am actually able to communicate better in Spanish! 
  • Here we have 2 sets of Spanish elders and 1 set of Spanish sisters, and we are in the same ward. In our ward there are one set of English sisters as well, and we will be getting a senior couple for the military base soon! 
  • We are set up in a way that there are no times where we have nothing to do!
  • I feel I am here to help clean this area up! It's a lot of work, but it is getting there! We started by deep cleaning the study room which had 4 trash bags of crap in it! Way to go me inviting the spirit back into that room! Whoop whoop
  • Our area book is so dis-organized, so what we first did was try to organize it and basically start fresh again!
  • There are soooo many Hispanics here! There is never not something to do! We have located 15 trailer parks/Latino areas to proselyte in!
  • Our area is not that big, and we are going to be focusing in on like a 6 mile stretch of land (north to south).
  • The Spanish members are close-knit here which is so cool! 
  • We have a Spanish group in our ward. The group consists of all the Hispanics in the stake. So basically a branch, I guess.
  • We have a soccer night every Friday! Lots of Latinos usually come (30 or so)! We are trying to visit these people that come as well!

  • 3 English classes and so many people come!
  • Oh yeah, and I had to translate for a Latino guy in Elders Quorum. That was freaking hard!
Interesting fact: SO MANY PORTUGUESE SPEAKERS! There are 3 pairs of Spanish missionaries in my ward here and one of the companionships are teaching 4 Portuguese peeps! So when I get home I can talk with Uncle Mark in Portuguese. 
  • President usually keeps people in their second area the longest, so expect me to be here for 6-9 months! Haha {LUCKY}!
  • I am going to downtown Charleston today so hopefully I get some cool pics!
One cool experience real quick: Last night we were visiting a house of a Danny Velasquez. We showed up and nobody was home. We walked back down the steps and I heard the screen door slam. That was freaky! So we went back up to knock and again no answer. I thought to put an English class flyer in the door, and so we quickly went to go get it, and after we placed it, some guy pulled up. Turns out he wasn't Latino and the guy who we were looking for moved! This guy was so sick! He is 25 and is in the national guard and is studying to be a nurse! He is huge too! He was super chill with us and said he would start reading the BoM! We got along really well! Too bad we have to give him to the zone leaders because he is English! #miracles
1/2 the mission for the conference with visiting GA. Greenville, Greenville East, & West Columbia Zones. I am bottom, 5th from left.

Saying goodbye to recent convert Yaneth & Miguel. He is the funniest Mexican alive!

Elder McLaughlin- envió desde mi iPad

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