Monday, January 11, 2016


So this week has been, well, a little long, and this email is going to be a little short! But some cool things happened this week. First off, I lead the area again for my second time on exchanges. It started pouring on us and well, I almost hit an oncoming car! Other than that, I was driving in Gray Court down one of the highways, and looked to my left and saw a latino couple and their kid working in a field. I thought nothing of it and kept driving. After like a minute I felt strongly to turn around. I did that and went to go talk to them. I parked the car and shouted to the man if he needed any help. He said no, so I ran up to him and introduced who we were (this is exchanges with Elder Hatch so only I know Spanish) and I got his number and he said we could give him a call. He wouldn't give me his address though, but hey that is okay! I have more respect now for Elder Fife because now I realize that leading an area is sooo hard! And takes a lot of patience and diligence to get things done!

Friday was a special day! So we had 2 set appointments with members in the afternoon. We showed up with the member at the appointment and the lady was not there. We went to all three of our back ups with this member as well and nobody was home! Crazy! So we parted ways and we went to our dinner appointment. The member we ate with speaks Spanish and we brought him to a lesson we had set up with one of our investigators, Gustavo. Turns out they live close to each other which was cool! We showed up and his wife said he was just leaving work and was in traffic. We were like, DANG SON! It was like 7:15pm and we had nobody else planned in really. We both thought it was a good idea to try to see Gio. We went to his house and he was home playing fifa. Quick background... Gio goes to college, he is in his early 20s, divorced, re-married, having more marriage issues, in debt, no car and is having a custody battle with his x-wife for his daughter. He took off work this last week just to spend all of his time with his daughter. When we came, his daughter had just left and he broke down a little bit. Elder Fife and I connect with Gio very well. He was so open about his feelings. We consoled him a little bit, and talked about the book of mormon and prayer. I was praying to somehow talk about what our purpose as missionaries is, and after I said that prayer in my heart, he asked, "so what do you guys do exactly?" That was so awesome and an answer to prayer. We told him everything from when we first started our mission papers until getting here in South Carolina. It's cool how the Lord gives people trials to humble and prepare people to hear and accept the restored Gospel. He really felt we care for him and we blessed him in his situation in the closing prayer we had. He was touched by this. Such a great experience. We ended at 8:00pm, and now we were late for English class which starts at 8:00. We showed up 8:10 and one spanish lady was about to leave! We caught her and gave her some stuff to study! The Lord was watching out for us because without that perfect timing, she probably wouldn't have come back to the class again!

Also, I have made a friend here! Justin terry is an RM and served in England! He has been going to lessons with us and he is sooo awesome! He told me that I always have a place to stay when I am in South Carolina! Heres a pic we took! He's going off to college and I may or may not see him again the rest of the mission... Lol

Well now I'm out of time! Adios!
~Elder McLaughlin

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